Immediate Relief for Eczema

With all the weather changes we experience year-round, anyone's skin can suffer, especially if you have eczema. Good thing we have skin-savers like Aveeno, which can help immediately relieve your flare-ups from first use! 

Fun fact: Aveeno's products have Avenanthramides, naturally found in oats, which is well-known for their soothing properties! They also have prebiotic Collodial Oatmeal which can help strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier. My dad has really sensitive skin and Aveeno’s actually one of the products that he swears by!

This particular product gently cleanses skin without drying, perfectly suitable for people prone to eczema, leaving skin feeling soothed with moisture. Can also be used by children from 3 years old and up + adults. 

Its formula also has prebiotic colloidal oatmeal and ceramides that help restore and strengthen the skin barrier. Best part? It's paraben-free!

Also clinically proven to soothe skin and help strengthen its protective barrier. It's also unscented, paraben-free, and fast-absorbing! 

Suitable for anyone in the family, whether you have eczema or not.

If you’re experiencing dryness, itchiness, redness, flaking, and stinging, then now’s the high time to try Aveeno. These are available on Shopee!