The SM Store Budols: Now on Shopee!

The SM Store’s definitely not kidding when they said they’ve “got it all for you” as they have one of the widest selections from beauty, fashion, home, and more… nationwide! And in case you didn’t know, The SM Store is now available on SHOPEE so you can shop at the comfort of your own homes anytime! Such a deep hole of budol! Haha! 

To my kapitbahays at the Home Buddies Facebook group, you might spot some must-haves at The SM Store! Here are some of my 8.8 favorites:

Neoflam Fika Cast Aluminum Fry Pan 28cm – Sahara Sand | Got this for only ₱2,000

Sleek, minimalist, and pasok for #TeamKahoy aesthetics! Quality's also really great, highly durable and scratch-resistant! Can be used with any heat sources like induction, electric, gas, and radiant!

Firefly Rechargeable Multifunction Foldable Fan | Got this for only ₱499

Definitely a NEED these days for the sudden power outages, as this item can keep you cool and guide you thru its emergency night light. Also nice to know that it has an overcharge and over discharge protection.

Megabox Storage Box 6L (Clear) | Got this for only ₱100 

This is where you can keep your stuff clean and organized! For us, we might keep our SWEAR COMFY SIYA stocks here!

Have a lot more in my cart like Neoflam wood soup ladle, non-stick sauce pan with glass lid, some slip-ons from Parisian, and multi-surface wipes! Haha!

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