Antiradiation Glasses from Peculiar Eyewear

Spending too much time on electronic devices like mobile phone and laptops can lead to problems like eyestrain, dry eyes, blurry vision, and more. But as we know, it's so hard to stay away from these gadgets for work, communication, and entertainment. With that, we just have to make sure we’ll be able to have a nice layer of protection for our eyes.

Got introduced to Peculiar Eyewear around 2 years ago at an event, and I got really impressed with the benefits that you can get from wearing their glasses. Aside from great styles and frames, Peculiar Eyewear has a certification for UV400 and has a BlueLight blocking technology.

Just recently, I got my hands on the Peculiar x Ces.Style Classy Baby SILVER TransitionPRO Antiradiation which promises the SafeShield and BlueShield protections. It also has Photochromic Lens which means you can enjoy the clear lens indoors, while getting optimum protection as sunnies outdoors.

The box comes with a protective case, microfiber wiper, and harmful light tester so you can check the quality on your own! Tried it myself! Pointed the blue light onto the card/checker, one side with the glasses and the other without. My golly, the difference!

You can order yours from Shopee, especially this August 8, as Peculiar Eyewear goes up to 85% OFF on the 8.8 Mega Flash Sale! Don't miss this!

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