Vegan and Sustainable Body Wash and Lotion | Unilever's Love Beauty Planet on Shopee

Happy Earth Day! 🌿 

As we know, protecting the planet starts with YOU.

Really glad that there's a rise of sustainable products! More brands are shifting to eco-friendly alternatives, so as individuals, we get to do something to lessen our carbon footprint.

Unilever, being one of the first major companies to do the switch, actually came up with Love Beauty and Planet years back. I remember attending one of their launches and from then on, I fell in love with the brand! They have a passionate journey of #smallactsoflove - from their ingredients, product packaging, and social partnerships.

Every Love Beauty and Planet bottle is made from 100% recycled materials! They have high quality products for hair and body care, ready to address usual concerns like damaged hair, dry skin, hydration, and more.

I've tried their vegan shampoo with Argan Oil and Lavender, specifically made to give you smooth and serene hair + their vegan conditioner with Coconut Oil and Ylang Ylang for hair repair. Both are super bango and effective!!

Now, I'm really excited to try out their Body Wash! Like their other products, it's vegan, too! I got the one with Tea Tree Oil and Vetiver Aroma for deep cleansing.

Aside from being vegan, here are some more noteworthy items about Love Beauty and Planet's products: 

No animal testing  Ethically Sourced Extract • No Dyes • No Parabens • No Silicones • No Sulfates • Safe for Sensitive Skin • No Guilt

Yay to vegan lotions, too! It's a MUST for me to moisturize my arms and legs because they tend to dry up fast. Glad their Body Lotion with Murumuru Butter and Rose Aroma 
provides 24 hours moisturization, giving you soft and glowing skin. Plus, you'll end up smelling oh-so gorgeous!

Their products are available on Shopee, so it's very convenient and accessible! Unilever's eco-friendly products are discounted up to 25% off until April 25, 2021!

In a few taps, you'll get to pamper yourself while helping the environment. No more excuses 💚

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