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In case you didn't know, I'm obsessed with organizing. Some may consider this as a tedious hobby, but this has helped me a lot in achieving my goals since high school.

Should you wish to develop this habit, you can start by acquiring some materials that are artsy, functional, and close to your personality. The Paper Stone can be your haven!

Products at The Paper Stone are made by Singaporean and Korean designers. They have new designs every month, in limited quantities. Once a piece gets sold out, a reprint of that design is highly unlikely. Exclusivity is such a huge factor!

I love journaling! I keep one major planner for my daily to-do's and important reminders, a separate notebook for Shibusa's records, and another one as my blog tracker for schedules and deadlines. I carry all those in my bag everyday that's why you rarely see me leaving with just a small purse.

Even with the presence of mobile apps for this purpose, I still choose to write the "traditional" way. For some reason, this practice makes me feel more accomplished and fulfilled. Holla if you get what I mean! ;)

The Paper Stone has a lot of beautiful and practical designs for journals, exercise books, doodle pads, and notebooks which start at Php80.00!

Pens, of course! How do we even start with journaling without one? :p I prefer gel-type pens and I'm so glad I scored some artsy ones at The Paper Stone!

We keep digital and printed documents for our business. Recipes, accounting, contracts, permits, and all other important records are kept in separate clear books. I haven't found any cute clear book covers yet so I think they look a bit boring (lol). Really happy I spotted pretty ring files at The Paper Stone!

The Paper Stone also offers sticker sets, stamps, tumblers, inspirational frames, and bags. I got a wooden frame with the quote "Live life with passion" which I will surely hang at my room. ❤

Catch the liveliest and cheeriest designs of stationery and gift items from your nearest The Paper Stone branch! :)

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