Quick and Easy Breakfast Recipes by Quaker

I love breakfast food! However, I rarely have time to grab a bite before leaving for my events and meetings. Given my busy schedule, fear of being late because of the unpredicted traffic, and constant morning rush, breakfast became my most skipped meal of the day.

During the Quaker event last week, I got reminded of why breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Fact check: within the first 30 minutes of waking up, it's important to start up your metabolic system with a good meal so that you can get the strength and endurance to go about your day!

For people on-the-go like me, we finally have an easy and convenient fix so we can all start our days with a healthy meal. How? With just Quaker Oats and your favorite toppings, you're bound to have great mornings!

Take these steps from the Quaker Overnight Breakfast Club:

1. The night before, place the oats in the jar.
2. Soak oats in milk.
3. Add your toppers.

That's it! Pop your container in the fridge and just grab it the next day!

Some more reasons to love this colorful breakfast craze:
✓ Requires zero cooking and can be prepared in 5 minutes
✓ Can be easily customized according to your taste
✓ It's healthy!
✓ It's convenient!
✓ It's delicious!

Try it for yourself! Here are my two favorite quick and yummy recipes that you can follow!

Share your healthy mornings and be a part of the Quaker Overnight Breakfast Club with the hashtag #QuakerOvernightBreakfastClub. You can also win prizes from Quaker if you upload your healthy morning overnight breakfast oats creations on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag.

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