Happy List | May 2017

Oh my! It's been a while since I last blogged an OOTD. With all the events and lined up posts, I try to seek for that perfect balance so my blog won't look like a commercial space. Through my OOTD entries, I get to talk about anything personal and less on brands. After all, I started Raid My Closet 6 years back as a virtual diary. :)

On me: pink suede dress from Zara | bag from Mango | scarf (turned headband) courtesy of Penshoppe | necklace courtesy of Unarosa | watch courtesy of Komono | Adidas Stan Smiths

How did your May 2017 go? Mine was a month of sweet surprises. Here are some reasons why:

1. Anniversary with Deo. Life with Deo is something else. With him, I had feelings that I never knew existed, and discovered a whole new level of capacity to love. I've found all I've prayed for.

2. Unexpected blessings for Shibusa 渋さ. In case you didn't know, our little restaurant is under renovation since April. Though the decision is for the better, my partners and I were a bit worried because our sales will be affected.

However, opportunities started to flow for Shibusa 渋さ - as if our operations never stopped. Through prayers and a lot of hardwork, we were granted temporary spaces in bazaars and weekend markets, which covered all our expenses.

Aside from that, since Shibusa 渋さ is situated in Quezon City, we're really very happy that we got to showcase our best-selling dishes in Makati and Pasig. Humbling experience!

3. Events and blog projects. Non-stop hustle with Deo every day! Exactly how we like it! :)

4. V L O G ❤ I won't spill too much details, but finally, I got to film my very first episode! After two years since I got ABS-CBN Digital's proposal, I'm finally giving it a GO! Youtube, here I come!

5. Family time. We barely had enough rest since 2017 started because of our restaurant operations and blog duties. But come to think of it - the renovation of Shibusa 渋さ might be a blessing in disguise, because we got to pause from work and spend more quality time with our family. This is what we all truly need.

I hope you had a fruitful month, too! If things didn't go your way, you have June (and the coming months) to fill with glitters and sunshines.

See you all at Bloggers United 13 this Saturday, June 3! I'm bringing so much clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and makeup for you guys!

PLUS: Shibusa 渋さ will be there, too! It will mean the world to us if you'll try out our sushi rolls. <3

Whitespace, Makati | 10:00AM

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