Spring Fling

I was actually going to put "You're So Pine" as this blog post's title but I might lose you all right after... Hahaha! These were taken at Tagaytay by my cousin and fellow K-drama fan, Tricia!

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a beautiful week. :) Here's another outfit post featuring my ensemble during the Green Fashion Revolution event last Saturday. We were asked to wear something eco-friendly or any style that resonates with the earth. My top-of-mind theme was the Spring season hence this OOTD. Yay to more salmon tones!

On me: top courtesy of Unarosa | stripes buttondown courtesy of Unarosa | shoes courtesy of Native Shoes (available at Res Toe Run)

That particular event day was pretty long for Deo and I. Those who've seen our Instagram stories can attest to this! :p We didn't have much time to hold a decent shoot, so I packed this whole ensemble with me to our South trip the next day. Hahaha!

Please don't judge, I only wore them again for 10 minutes. #bloggerproblems

I know some of my friends have done the same thing at one point in their blogging lives! How about the rest? Have you experienced this #bloggerproblem, too?

Anyway, these two tops I'm wearing are part of Unarosa's Spring/Summer 2017 Collection. I love how versatile their releases are; you can actually mix-and-match pieces for a total new look! I'm surely wearing these separately next time and I'll share some techniques with you.

From being a go-to place for bold and "by-the-book" smart casual, formal, and corporate wear, Unarosa has adapted to the current fashion needs of millenials. You'll spot more colors, structures, and prints in their new designs. So even if you're off to meetings or other gatherings, you will never go boring nor under-dressed anymore.

To top the brand's revamp, they got Jessica Wilson as their newest It Girl, embodying what a true Unarosa woman is. Aside from being a renowned model, she graduated from the University of Sydney with a degree in history and economics, and now works as a Product Manager of an international beauty giant. #GOALS

Photos by Tricia Villanueva

Make sure to visit your nearest Unarosa store and shop! Your closet deserves new pretty babies, I swear! ❤

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