A Taste of Vietnam at Cafe 8, Crimson Hotel

When you start running your own business, for the first few months, you barely have the liberty for leisure especially when you're really hands on. Deo and I rarely go out for dates since we launched Shibusa. However, the universe probably felt our need to relax, because Cafe 8 of Crimson Hotel arranged a special lunch for us exactly when we freed up our schedule.

We drove all the way to the South to experience Crimson Hotel's Vietnamese food offers. They flew in three guest chefs, Nguyen Thi Khanh Ngan, Tran Kim Hoang Trong, and Vo Van Chien to prepare the feast. I haven't been exposed to Vietnamese food that much yet, so I was really excited to try everything out!

This entire corner showcased the culinary heritage of the Land of the Dragon People. We tried everything! :p

I've had Fresh Spring Rolls from other Viet restaurants in the metro, but this is definitely the BEST I've ever tasted. Deo doesn't like vegetables, but he enjoyed this dish (and that means a lot!)

We also tried the Fried Tofu, Vietnamese Pho, Crab Noodle Soup, Rice Ball Sweet Soup and more!

My favorite from this pot - Grilled Eggplant! I wonder what's inside their Vietnamese spices!

Aside from their Vietnamese food selection, you can also enjoy the diverse selection from other countries like Japan and Italy. They also have areas for pastries, cheeses, and desserts.

Always my favorite station! :)

Cafe 8 is a complete gastronomy package! Lunch buffet is at Php1,235++ and dinner is at Php1,410++, inclusive of free flowing beverages such as wine, beer, juices and sodas. Nothing beats dining with good food and really great hotel ambiance.

Hurry and catch A Taste of Vietnam until March 18, 2017!

For more information, visit their website or call (02) 863-2222.

Thank you so much for the wonderful lunch date, Cafe 8 and Crimson Hotel! Our hearts and tummies are full!

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