Tale As Old As Time

Is it just me, or January really went by that fast?! It was probably my busiest and most productive year-starter ever, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. ♥ I hope you were able to make the most out of the first month of 2017, too!

While Little Bistro’s spot is under construction, we’re doing online sales and deliveries within Metro Manila until mid-February. Just last Friday, we released our very own Sushi Platter, and early this week, we’ll fill your tummies with the much-requested Yakitori Rice Meals. We hope for your love and support! :)

On me: floral dress courtesy of Unarosa | long vest courtesy of Style Flick (in Mustard) | nude pumps courtesy of Parisian Shoes and Bags

Deo, Kuya Monty and I have been doing regular meetings and culinary training sessions for Little Bistro. My pillars’ dedication and hardwork inspire me to keep going. We’re really putting our whole heart and soul in chasing our dreams, and I hope you’d do the same to reach anything that you aspire, too. :)

Anyway, while our days seem packed, we try our best to get sanity breaks as well. Deo and Kuya Monty are into video games (Overwatch and Dark Souls respectively) - they just deny that they’re addicted! Hahaha! Meanwhile, I spend my free time over K-drama, movies, and Gordon Ramsay Dash (iOS game, haha).

And since I mentioned movies, last night, I re-watched my all-time childhood favorite, the original Beauty and the Beast film. The trailers for the remake rekindled my love for this movie and brought back so many memories. I even had Beauty and the Beast toys (complete cast, btw) when I was younger. I used to sing "Bonjour" while playing with my Belle, and forced my Mom to hold the teapot and act like Mrs. Potts. AHHHHH ♥

So beautiful, I cried so much at 2AM.

Photos by Mom 

This post got a bit more sabaw than usual, so thank you for sticking around! :p

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