Penshoppe UP Town Center (Why You Should Visit)

If I were to list down some clothing brands that Filipinos have grown up to, I’d certainly include Penshoppe. I love how their collections evolved through time - from being the go-to place for basic casual wear, to now being one of the best stops to shop for stylish clothes. If you’ve been to any of their stores recently, you’d know! ;)

Just yesterday, February 9, they finally opened their flagship store at UP Town Center. So happy their biggest branch is situated in my turf! We graced their VIP event and got first dibs on their latest releases. Here’s why you should visit Penshoppe as soon as you can.

1. From February 10 to February 12, 2017, freebies, discounts and cool activities will overflow at Penshoppe UP Town Center, their flagship store. You can’t afford to miss this!

2. Their collections scream hypebeast and hypebae! For your dose of street style items, you won’t have to look any further. Penshoppe’s here to make you look on-point without hurting your wallets. :)

Scored this parka jacket! I’m 100% sure I’d overuse this.

Ana and I were eyeing on this camo windbreaker. So nice!

3. You’ll find the best-fitting denim tops, jackets and bottoms from their Denim Lab section.

4. They have an extensive selection of tees - pocket, patched, statement, plains… name it! All in pleasing colors!

5. Cool District part is where their accessories, shoes and bags are placed.

6. Quick trivia - did you know that my high school scent was Penshoppe’s FLIRT? I’m so happy they still have it even after years! Hahaha! You’d love their fragrance line, too!

7. To those who are into the whole Korean craze (myself included), there are so many K-fashion-inspired finds here!

8. International celebrities are wearing Penshoppe, too! If Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Sandara Park, Mario Maurer, and other stars proudly wear Penshoppe, wouldn’t you be pleased? :)

All these and more! Congratulations, Penshoppe! I’ll always love you! ♥

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