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Happy New Year, everyone! I hope the first week of 2017’s treating you well. We all deserve happiness, peace, and a fresh start!

Anyway, I decided to write about my current favorites as my first blog post for the year. Nothing too deep, but a reminder to think of the small things that make you happy and be grateful for them. My work senior always reminds me to list those down everyday to stay positive despite the difficult times. I hope it helps you, too! ❀

On me: Forever 21 bomber jacket | sleeveless top courtesy of Shop 3 Fifty (available at Poshmark Studio, Maginhawa) | denim skirt courtesy of Mossimo | bag from Mango (available at Lazada) | flats courtesy of Parisian Shoes & Bags

Happy List
as of January 7, 2017

Writing on my planner
Ahhhh, the joy of finally using the 2017 planner you’ve kept for weeks! I find fulfilment in writing down my to-do’s everyday, and ticking them off after accomplishing each item.

Korean Series 
My blog sisters influenced me with Kdrama and now I can’t stop watching! Hello, Ana, Christine, Pax and Ashley! :p I’m almost done with Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, and Goblin’s next on my list. Any other recommendations? :)

Productive Days
Non-stop hustle and chasing “the dream” since the first of 2017. The excitement, challenges, thrill and rush. Nothing is impossible! 

Jollibee Chicken Joy
Deo, Kuya Monty and I had a bucket of Chicken Joy last night. The best!!!

Daily good coffee made by Mom
I look forward to this every morning before leaving the house! I think I can’t last a day without Mom’s coffee.

8th with Deo
Feels like a lifetime! ☆☆☆

Photos by Ira Gatmaitan

I can list a thousand more but my Kdrama’s waiting for me… hahaha! How about you? What's in your Happy List this week? :)

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