The Test of L'Oreal's Infallible Long-wear Makeup

January 2017’s probably the busiest month I’ve ever had, and I’m pretty sure it’ll stay this packed in the coming months.

Putting up a business entails restless days and sleepless nights. The journey of chasing the dream will always include challenging situations, until the universe sees how much you want and deserve it. Just stay committed, try your hardest, remain fearless.

As you know, Deo, Kuya Monty and I recently launched Little Bistro, a Japanese and Italian food abode at Merkanto, Quezon City. I’ll dedicate a separate blog post for that soon! :) Anyway, we’re very hands on in our venture - from purchasing equipment and goods from various suppliers around the metro, mise en place, taking orders, cooking for the guests, and cleaning everything. I rarely get to do makeup retouches because of all the demands. But with L’Oreal’s Infallible Long-wear Makeup line, I bid goodbye to makeup meltdown.

Left to right: L’Oreal Infallible 24HR Long-wear Foundation, 16h Long-wear Powder, 10H Long-wear Lipstick, Infallible Setting Spray

I first tried out product line during our NYE celebration. My folks and I joined the countdown at Eastwood, and my makeup literally lasted all day.

To further test its effectivity, I’ve tried using the whole product line everyday since we started the pop up of Little Bistro. Those who’ve visited us (or who’ve seen photos from social media) witnessed that I’m in charge of frying and grilling your karaage and yakitori’s. Hahaha!

Check out the photos below, taken from different dates this January.

To my surprise, despite being exposed to heat, my makeup’s still on-point. Our guests can attest to that! ;)

L’Oreal’s Infallible Long-wear Makeup Line will #NeverFail you! Make the switch as soon as you can!

Making It Happen + Maybelline Hyperink Liquid Liner

AHHHH Finally found time to blog! If you’re following me on my social media accounts, you might know the reason for my short hiatus. Together with Deo and Kuya Monty (Deo’s brother, our chef), we finally took a leap of faith to chase our dreams. I’ll write about that separately, but we do hope you can visit Little Bistro’s soft opening/pop up at Merkanto in Quezon City for your dose of Japanese and Italian cuisines! It’ll be until January 26 (Thursday), 5:00PM-12:00MN. Can’t wait to see you and serve you our dishes! ♥

Already have a lot of reasons to be grateful for this 2017, and aside from Little Bistro, I’m very happy to announce that I got chosen as one of Maybelline’s ambassadors in the Philippines. *happy dance* I really feel honored to represent my favorite go-to cosmetic brand since college. Thank you, Maybelline! :)

It's really time to make things happen!

Our squad had our first ever meeting at Solstice, Rockwell two weeks back. The team presented the exciting releases of the brand this year, starting off with Maybelline’s fiercest, easy to use eyeliner yet - the Hyperink Liquid Liner!

Sought-after celebrity makeup artist, Jigs Mayuga, was also present during the event to show natural, winged, and graphic eyeliner styles. Learned a lot from his demo!

You better have Maybelline’s Hyperink Liquid Liner in your own cosmetic pouches. It can be your confidence buddy throughout the day! You may opt to fierce it up at work with a simple and sophisticated look, or party hard at night with a bold and sexy winged liner.

Long-lasting. Smudge-proof. Easy-to-use. Blackest of black eyeliners. 
No need to stress about your liner fading or making a mess with Hyperink’s superior formula.

The best part? You can achieve that powerful look with only SRP Php199.00! Hurry and purchase from your nearest Maybelline counters soon!

Again, thank you for the love and opportunity, Maybelline! Amazing times ahead!

Just Happy Things

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope the first week of 2017’s treating you well. We all deserve happiness, peace, and a fresh start!

Anyway, I decided to write about my current favorites as my first blog post for the year. Nothing too deep, but a reminder to think of the small things that make you happy and be grateful for them. My work senior always reminds me to list those down everyday to stay positive despite the difficult times. I hope it helps you, too! ❀

On me: Forever 21 bomber jacket | sleeveless top courtesy of Shop 3 Fifty (available at Poshmark Studio, Maginhawa) | denim skirt courtesy of Mossimo | bag from Mango (available at Lazada) | flats courtesy of Parisian Shoes & Bags

Happy List
as of January 7, 2017

Writing on my planner
Ahhhh, the joy of finally using the 2017 planner you’ve kept for weeks! I find fulfilment in writing down my to-do’s everyday, and ticking them off after accomplishing each item.

Korean Series 
My blog sisters influenced me with Kdrama and now I can’t stop watching! Hello, Ana, Christine, Pax and Ashley! :p I’m almost done with Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, and Goblin’s next on my list. Any other recommendations? :)

Productive Days
Non-stop hustle and chasing “the dream” since the first of 2017. The excitement, challenges, thrill and rush. Nothing is impossible! 

Jollibee Chicken Joy
Deo, Kuya Monty and I had a bucket of Chicken Joy last night. The best!!!

Daily good coffee made by Mom
I look forward to this every morning before leaving the house! I think I can’t last a day without Mom’s coffee.

8th with Deo
Feels like a lifetime! ☆☆☆

Photos by Ira Gatmaitan

I can list a thousand more but my Kdrama’s waiting for me… hahaha! How about you? What's in your Happy List this week? :)