Happy 24th

Still overflowing with love and happiness, and I don’t think I’ll ever get over everything that happened. By far, my 24th birthday celebration is the best and most emotional one. It brought a different kind of feeling, that actually topped the happiness I got from my debut. I don’t even understand how, and that’s amazing. :)

If I hadn’t met Deo, I’d say 2016 is my worst year. The past months brought the biggest life struggles, which tested my self-belief and faith. I had my daily dose of depression and anxiety attacks - to the point where I don’t wear eye makeup anymore because I fear that I might cry again on that day, leading to smudged mascara and racoon eyes. I lost people, and I almost lost myself. Deo is my answered prayer, my miracle. And I never really knew I had this capacity to love until I got into a relationship with him and his family.

My constants, my everything. I get teary eyed and my heart melts whenever I stare at this photo.

All my daily prayers are for these people. I will always be grateful for each of them. They’re God’s instrument to show me His love, and that no matter how hard life is, it is still wonderful after all. With this whole family, I won’t have to go through things alone anymore.

My special day was filled with DIY decorations, pastel colors, genuine smiles, loud laughs, happy tears, and my all-time favorite Japanese food! I won’t stop thanking Kuya Monty for preparing and cooking for us! From dawn market shopping straight to doing his thing until the evening - he never showed he’s jaded, not a single sweat except when he dances with Deo and I. Kuya, you’re the best chef ever!

Feast ☆

Kani Salad

Sushi Rolls (crafted to perfection)



EVERYTHING’S SO GOOD! No other Japanese restaurants can beat the taste of these dishes, poured (and simmered, hehe) with love and hardwork.

Thank you for filling our tummies and hearts, Kuya! I will always hold on to our dreams and we are surely chasing those soon enough. For now, let's keep hustlin' with our feet on the ground, Jollibee in our mouths, and Hailee Steinfeld on the side. I love you very much!

Mom’s assigned with sweets, so she brought her yummy fried Ham & Cheese rolls, Pastel, and Fruit Salad! <3

Birthday Cake (given by Deo, at exactly 12MN of December 7, 2016)

To Lolo and Lols, thank you for loving me like your own granddaughter. Thank you for always making sure we're eating right and have arrived home safely. You mean a lot to me. I love you both!

To Tita Jo and Tito Bobby, non-stop thanks for letting me celebrate at your beautiful home, with your lovely family. But most of all, thank you for considering me as your own daughter. I will not get tired of bringing sunshine in your family, and I will take care of you for as long as I can. I love you very much, just like how I love my own parents.

To my Mom and Dad, I won’t be where I am now if not for your love and support. Thank you for always letting me fly, and for carrying my wings when they get heavy. Your strong baby girl will do anything and everything for our family. I will take good care of you for the rest of my life. I love you very much!

To my Miguel Deo, the answer to my why’s. The reason to why I’m inspired to wake up in the morning, why I feel fueled for the day, why I’m happy, why I’m fulfilled, why I’m stronger, why I’m ready to conquer what’s ahead, and so much more. I will choose you every single day, babe. Same with what you always tell me - Deo, I live because you exist. I love you so much, life partner! Through and through.

Good kind of hangover! Happy 24th, Arns!

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