Cocoro Sugar - Perfect for Diabetics

This year, our family’s been in and out of the hospital for a couple of months because my Dad was diagnosed with diabetes and he had to undergo some operations. Since then, a lot has changed in our lifestyle, particularly in our food intake, to balance out Dad’s blood sugar. Mom and I became extra cautious with our eating habits as well, as advised by the doctor, to prevent the same illness. We had to master discipline and self-control! :)

However, we can’t help but binge on sweets during the holiday season. Good thing, there’s a guilt-free way to do it - with Cocoro Sugar! This social enterprise produces natural, healthy, and sustainable sugar substitute especially made for diabetics and those who wish to lose weight.

Another reason to support? Cocoro Sugar has partnered with empowered Filipino farmers in Cagayan de Oro (my Mom’s hometown) and Davao.

Deo and I got invited to the launch of Cocoro Sugar at Little Owl Cafe a few weeks ago. The chefs used Cocoro Sugar for all the dishes they served. I think they offer those until now, to delight diners who would like to healthily feast and enjoy during the holidays.

Roasted Beet Salad
Mixture of lollo rosso, romaine, arugula, blue cheese, walnuts and freshly roasted beets drizzled with balsamic dressing made with Cocoro Ivory

Chicken Tocino
Marinated with Cocoro Dark Caramel on a bed of garlic rice, rich in aroma and packed with flavor, with a poached egg and pickled onions on the side

Pecan Pie 
Made with layers of apple slices and crunchy pecans on top cooked with Cocoro Dark Caramel

Calamansi Tart
Brulee Made of freshly squeezed calamansi, creamy custard with Cocoro Ivory

In case you’re wondering if the meals tasted oddly because of Cocoro Sugar, well, they didn’t! The flavors actually came out better! I can still recall how delicious they all were, especially the Pecan Pie!

Pastries were available during the event, too! My favorite chocolate chip cookies were made with Cocoro Sugar, too, so I freely indulged (and bought home a few, haha).

Sachets (Php150.00)
3.5g x 50 sachets

Cocoro Ivory (Php120.00)
250g Stand Up Pouch

Light colored variant of Cocoro Sugar, substitute for white sugar. This is perfect for cooking, baking, or even for fruit juices.

Cocoro Dark Caramel (Php120.00)
250g Stand Up Pouch

Alternative for brown sugar, good for coffee or tea, or even for your favorite Adobo dish!

Il Fiore uses Cocoro Sugar for their gelato offers, too! Yum!

Fact: Coconut sugar is not from the coconut fruit, but from the sap. When that’s boiled, it becomes a sticky syrup-like liquid that later dries into the sweet and dry sugar.

Why is Cocoro Sugar suitable for diabetics?

Cocoro Sugar has a low glycemic index and has the presence of insulin, which can maintain blood sugar level, block the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream, and prevent sugar high or crash.

As mentioned earlier, Cocoro Sugar supports farmers in CDO and Davao, as a partner in expanding their knowledge in the development of coconut sugar, in sustaining their livelihood. They’re given the proper equipment for the production of Cocoro Sugar, which are already locally and internationally distributed.

Take the road to wellness with Cocoro Sugar!

Cocoro Sugar
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