Outdoor Products x Pac-Man

If you haven’t played Pac-Man ever yet, then where have you been hiding all your life? Even if Pac-Man came out in the 80s, this classic retro game has gone on and on until my childhood days. And I never realized how much I’ve missed this ’til I got to play it again during Outdoor Products’ recent event!

Because really, who would forget the heightened feeling of getting all those biscuits while trying to escape colorful ghosts? :p

Simply check this blog and my social media accounts, and you’ll spot my numerous posts about Outdoor Products. Before, you’d rarely see me in backpacks. But ever since I got my own Outdoor item, I figured how durable it is without risking my fashion game for the day.

Another reason to love Outdoor Products? They collaborate with the nicest brands, which are distinct and suitable for their canvas. They have collaborations with Sanrio, Disney, XLARGE, and now, Pac-Man! All are beautifully designed and you can take a piece from their collection wherever you go.

To celebrate Pac-Man’s 35th birthday, Outdoor Products prepared a full setup honoring this renowned character. Aside from good food and old consoles, what I enjoyed most was the Pac-Man game machine. I swear I didn’t want to move elsewhere until I beat the high score, but people are waiting for their turns so I had to step aside. Hahaha! I badly wanted to take one game machine home!

Say hi to Pac-Man! :)

After immersing and gathering game tactics, we lined up for the LIVE Pac-Man maze! Imagine catching all the tennis balls (aka biscuit dots) inside a dark room, with 5 colorful human-sized ghosts trying to catch you! I’m sure you’d feel scared, too! I actually almost punched one ghost because I wanted to win. Lol, but of course I never did that! :p

Deo bagged back-to-back awards, by the way! He caught the most number of tennis balls at the live Pac-Man maze, and got the highest score at the Pac-Man game machine. This gamer’s so competitive! Hahaha!

Don’t miss the Outdoor x Pac-Man collection from Bratpack and The Travel Club! You won’t regret getting your own retro bag from this partnership!

To know more about Outdoor Products, visit their Facebook page and Instagram account. #OutdoorProductsXPacMan

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