13 Ubay St. Comfort Dining

-Ber months = food festivities! Deo and I figured that out when September kicked in because of the influx of food event invites. I honestly don’t mind, especially that this has been the case since I started blogging. Restaurants are ready to showcase their best dishes to delight us during the holidays. We have more reasons to love the season! :)

Two Saturdays back, I graced the event of 13 Ubay St. in Quezon City. It was my first time there but the family-owned restaurant has been around for a year already. They're known to serve unique comfort food and can accommodate big groups for get togethers.

Fun fact: this was where they taped the famous “KusYNA” of Kathryn Bernardo in Pangako Sa’yo!

Pig out time!

Upon arriving, they served complimentary cocktails - Ginmansi (Php200.00) and 13th Old Fashion (Php200.00). Tastes were quite strong, but probably because we drank in broad daylight (or I’m already slowly becoming like a tita… oops!)

Bacon Pizza (Php250.00)
Thin crust pizza topped with grilled bacon, tomato sauce, cheese and egg

One of my favorites from all that they served during the event! There’s bacon and cheese, so no doubt, I’m coming back for this!

Cheese and Raspberry Salad (Php230.00)
Mixed greens, red onion, cucumber, seasonal fruits, fried cheese balls, raspberry vinaigrette

Salmon and Capers Pasta (Php300.00)
Penne in tomato sauce with homemade smoked salmon and fried capers

If you’re looking for something light but filling, you can try this out!

Twice Cooked Ribs (Php320.00)
Grilled pork ribs glazed with tamarind catsup, served with apple kimchi

I love how these ribs are soft and savory! However, I’m not a fan of kimchi but I heard it complements well with this dish.

Grilled Chicken Harissa (Php390.00)
Half chicken in North African chili pepper paste, served with braised beans. You can choose to go for mild, hot, or extra hot flavor.

When I asked the owners for their favorite 13 Ubay St. dish, they mentioned that they take pride in their Grilled Chicken Harissa. Definitely dragging Deo and my family here to let them try this!

Chicken, Bacon and Cheese (Php270.00)
Chicken breast, melting cheese and bacon in tomato sauce

This reminds me of my Mom’s version of Cordon Bleu. Yum!

Kare-Kare (Php500.00)
Ox tail, tripe, eggplant, string beans, and banana heart in peanut sauce

I always take my Dad’s Kare-Kare as my standard, which for me is heavenly (unbiased opinion, hehe) so I expected a bit more for this. It tasted okay but quite oily, and I was looking for a thicker, nuttier sauce, and a few more lean meat.

Binagoongan (Php320.00)
Fried pork belly, eggplant and tomatoes in bagoong sauce

Thumbs up for this one! I’d love to bite into that crispy liempo + binagoongan again!

I had to leave before they served the desserts because of family duties, so unfortunately, I wasn't able to try out their Ube offerings. Heard their Ube Piaya and Ube Cheesecake plates are TDF! I’ve a couple more excuses to go back to 13 Ubay St., then!

Thank you so much to Angelo, Chef Zaza, and 13 Ubay St! Left with a happy and satisfied tummy!

13 Ubay St. Sta Mesa Heights Quezon City, Philippines
Call 579-6484 for inquiries and reservations

Nadine Lustre and James Reid for Parisian x Milanos

It’s impossible to say no to an event which involves your ultimate favorites, like a team up of Parisian Shoes and Bags, Nadine Lustre, and James Reid (for SM Milanos). Yup, no shame. I’m always going to be a Jadine fan! :p

A few weeks back, I got first dibs to the latest collection of Parisian and Milanos at The Hottest Pair, held at the SMX Convention Center. The place was packed with interactive games (which brought too much 90s feels), some Jadine merchandise, and the lovely new releases of the two brands. Nadine Lustre and James Reid were also present during the event, so keep scrolling to see their photos!

Your fair correspondents: Ana, Paul, me, Deo 

I’ve always loved this brand because of their trendy pieces at affordable prices. They never failed in giving that and more. Here’s a preview of Parisian Shoes and Bags’ Holiday 2016 Collection! To die for!

Urban meets classic! This collection gets a glamorous upgrade to set the mood for the season. Delight your Christmas looks with Parisian’s classic tones and textures - heeled mules and pumps in neutral and vintage hues, subtle metal accessories, ladylike handbags, and trendy slings and backpacks.

Sharing some OOTDs with my picks very soon so stay tuned! :)

More event photos! A bit of 90s throwback because we spotted XOX, pick-up sticks, plus snakes and ladders. What made them exciting is that they’re all human-sized!

Fun corners: commercial spot and legit jenga


My sweet event buddy - Selecta Cornetto!

Finally, runway photos that you’ve been waiting for! Enjoy! ♥

Sam Concepcion was also there to serenade the crowd.

The ultimate chill and artsy guy, James Reid, revealed that his secret to looking hip is no other than Milanos shoes. They’ve got slick boots, sneakers, loafers, and more styles perfect in and out of the holidays.

For the collection of SM Milanos, stay tuned for Deo’s blog post! :)

Nadine’s so beautiful and sexy, she truly embodies the image and attitude of Parisian and the holidays. Queen and always slaying!

Congratulations for the successful fair, Parisian Shoes and Bags and SM Milanos! Thank you for having us!

For Tatay Mike

Dear Tatay Mike,

Heaven is rejoicing because they’ve got a new precious angel. Ang swerte nila. They’re blessed to have our greatest Miguel, and I envy them because they’re with you 24/7. But most of all, I’m happy for you, because up above, there will no longer be pain, no more sufferings, only beautiful moments with Nanay Emma.

Tatay Mike, thank you for welcoming me to the Montuerto’s. Thank you for being one of my greatest inspirations. This year’s probably my hardest one, but your smiles and life advices twisted all my sorrows away. Thank you for reminding me that every challenge ends, that every sacrifice for the family is worth it, and that every success is a result of faith and hardwork.

All that you’ve been through made me believe that nothing is impossible. I will always hold on to your words, Tatay. Whenever I feel like giving up, I will think of your perseverance. For the times that I feel small and afraid, I will remember how you say “GUTS!” with conviction. And for the moments when I can’t see light, I will let my heart shine on its own - like I can hear your sweet voice telling me “PUSO!”

Thank you for loving me like your own granddaughter, Tatay Mike. I’m lucky to have met you while you can still dance (and beat Deo the world champ), while you can still laugh, while you can still share your life stories, while you can still eat out with us. No other Bibingka and Puto Bumbong can top the ones you’ve shared with me. No salutes can defeat the one you’ve given me when you found out I was supporting my family. I will take no other flying kisses unless it’s from a person as special as you. I love you, Tatay Mike.

Deo and I will continue to live your legacy. We will take lots of lovely photos together, stick them in a photo album, just like how you do your printed memories with Nanay Emma. Like you, we will never cease to love and take care of our parents. Like you, we will never stop chasing our dreams.

Glad you’re in a safer and happier place now, Tatay Mike. You’ll live in our hearts forever.

Shimmer and Standout with Sleek

What I recently received from Sleek is every makeup junkie’s dream! I came home to a package filled with holiday cosmetic essentials - highlighting palette, contour kit, matte lipsticks, and a lipliner! With the perfect party outfits in place, plus this loot from Sleek, I’m totally ready for the celebrations ahead!

AHHHH I feel like a spoiled princess ☆☆☆

Highlighting Palette in Solstice (SRP Php875.00)

When they released their highlighting palette a few weeks back, I visited Sleek’s counter and swore to get myself one. Why? Because every girl’s cheekbones should always be lit af (lol), and I’ve heard a lot of good reviews for this. Not to mention, the product is in a stunning gold packaging! ;)

Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette (SRP Php875.00)

You’re bound to stuff yourself with lots of food this season! So you’d still look on point, sculpt your pretty face (especially your jawlines) with this ultimate definition kit.

Matte Me in Fired Up (SRP Php450.00) 

I’ve a whole big box of lipsticks, but to be honest, I never got to finish a tube (except for one) because I tend to try out different shades frequently. And that singled out tube is from Sleek’s Matte Me collection in Birthday Suit. For me, it’s the perfect nude shade for everyday wear! I love the matte finish it gives without leaving my lips dry. But to stand out this season, the Fired Up shade might be your fierce match! Can’t wait to try this out!

True Color Matte Lipstick in Russian Roulette (SRP Php425.00) 

Don’t underestimate the power of this tiny fellow! I've heard that Sleek's True Color Matte Lipsticks are highly pigmented and enriched with Vitamin E for lip hydration and protection. This will surely give an oomph to your holiday look!

Eau Lala Lip Liner in Rouge (SRP Php425.00)

This thin liner can do wonders! Aside from defining your lips, this is ideal for blending and smudging, too. Reviews said that this is also extremely long-lasting. Let’s see how this one goes!

Thank you so much to Sleek Makeup for the love! So excited to use all these! *happy dance*