Have you ever had a dose of “hindi ko na alam” moment, wherein you completely have no idea of what to do anymore because life’s hitting you hard? And you find yourself staring blankly at something, wondering when will you ever be alright? I’ve had my share of that over the past weeks, or probably months, but your girl’s a survivor - she can bounce back and the universe has no choice but to let her live. :p

After all, I have the best reasons to wake up: Deo, who’s been my lifeline, the best companion and rock through it all, plus my parents and Deo’s family who are there to give unconditional support and love. Still an amazing life.

On me: drawstring top courtesy of Metro Department Store (available at Fairview Terraces) | skort courtesy of Metro Department Store | white denim jacket courtesy of Penshoppe | Adidas Stan Smiths

(n.) The ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens.

Photos by Deo Montuerto

Keeping this short. I’ll leave the rest to myself. :) May we all fight anxiety and panic attacks with one pretty lipstick at a time. ☆

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