We have 24 hours a day, but for us living in the slasher generation, that’s not enough. We juggle as much activities and responsibilities as we can, not limiting ourselves to the main career paths we chose to take. With that, we tend to miss out on a few chores like doing the laundry, house cleaning, gardening - you know, all the dirty jobs. We can really use an extra hand!

Thank heavens for mobile app creators who think of means to make our lives easier! I use Uber for my rides to events and meetings. There’s Facebook to help us connect and reach out to our acquaintances and long lost friends. We open Waze to veer us away from traffic and get to our destinations on time. And to top them all, there's - an app that can cater to our household needs anytime!

With, everything is just a few clicks away. Whether you need a provider for car maintenance, house cleaning, water refilling, moving in, repairs, and other services you can think of, they have it!

During the launch, emphasized their goal of giving us (consumers) more time to relax, enjoy and focus on what’s important. They’ll allow us to do all those while they take care of our errands and domestic stuff.

Also, please make way for these cold cuts and yummy sausages from Fronen. Got to take home some packs. I'm so addicted.

So how does work?

• Download on AppStore or PlayStore.
• Choose from their services.
• Bid for budget and deadline. Whatever reasonable amount that you can give, will help find a provider to accommodate your request.
• Once your bid has been verified by the management, they will go to your designated place.

I’ve yet to experience booking via! Can’t wait to try out their services. I’ve a lot of requests in mind right now, but I might go for car maintenance, house cleaning, or hair, makeup and spa! Yeah they have the last item, too! ;)

Stay tuned for my next blog post about!
Congratulations to the team and thanks for having us, Mikki and Martha! ♥

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