Bird House Uptown Mall, BGC

Give me chicken meals and I’ll love you forever. It’s been my staple food since childhood. May it be fried, grilled, steamed, or roasted, I’d get pleased. So you can just imagine my delight when I got invited to the exclusive event of Bird House in Uptown Mall, Bonifacio Global City, days before their actual grand opening. I was so ready to indulge!

Check out these delicious sauces exclusive for Bird House! They have Truffle Ketchup (my favorite!), Green Goddess and Peach BBQ. All are perfectly crafted for their chicken offers.

Tito Bobby, Deo and I arrived just in time for dinner! We were given cards with stuff to cross out according to our picks. I went for Barnyard C - One piece chicken + two sides (Elote Corn and Dirty Rice) + one sauce (Truffle Ketchup) + crispy chicken skin. I also had a glass of Peach Iced Tea. Solid meal right there!

The best part? Barnyard C is just Php220.00! I had love at first bite with the chicken. I like how flavorful it was, heavily drowned with seasoning, and best eaten with your choice of sauce. Their dirty rice complemented the viand nicely! :) 

Their other Barnyards are fairly-priced, too. See the details below:

Barnyard A (Php165.00)
Birdhouse Chicken Tenders + Dirty Rice + One Sauce + Crispy Chicken Skin

Barnyard B (Php170.00)
One Piece Chicken + One Side + One Sauce + Crispy Chicken Skin

Barnyard D (Php255.00)
Two Pieces Chicken + One Side + One Sauce + Crispy Chicken Skin

Barnyard E (Php290.00)
Salted Egg Lava Chicken Sandwich + One Side

In case you love grilled corn, too, make sure to pick Elote Corn as part of your chow. It has melted butter and mayonnaise, yum!

For dessert, we had Waffle and Ice Cream with Crispy Chicken Skin. Not the usual sweets but still really satisfying. :)

I remember I posted a lot of videos via Instagram Stories and Snapchat during the exclusive preview because I wanted to emphasize how delectable everything was at Bird House. Some of my readers and friends commented on my videos and they’re actually excited to try out Bird House. Moreover, I kept telling Deo that we need to go back to Bird House. That’s how much I enjoyed the meals.

Bird House's finally ready to serve you starting on September 1, 2016! Visit them at the 4th floor, Food Hall of Uptown Mall (Bonifacio Global City).

I’d be happy to know your favorites so make sure to take photos and upload them on Instagram. Tag @birdhouseph and include #frybirdiefry on your posts.

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