Beauty in Contrast

In case you didn’t know, Deo and I have so many differences. In fashion, I’d often go for whites and he’d choose blacks. He’s athletic and I’m not. He’s very creative while I’m strategic. He’s always prepared with plot lines and plans from A-Z, while I’m the anything-goes type. These and more! But you know what? There’s really beauty in contrast.

On me: inner white drawstring top from GTW by SM | white bomber jacket courtesy of Penshoppe | watch courtesy of Komono | white pants from Uniqlo | Steve Madden bag | nude heels courtesy of SM Parisian

Deo’s a dream chaser and a living proof that anything that you aspire for can come true. I wouldn’t go through the whole story, but the journey in reaching his ultimate goals is what inspires me and a lot of people. And he’s not yet over. From his humble beginnings in Hataw and Salinggawi, to being a front row slayer who dances in world stages with A Team, to his killer copies and articles for digital marketing, to his adventures in the world of blogging - I can go on and on with a list of his achievements but they will all boil down to his hardwork and raging fire for success. He knows what he wants, and with him, nothing’s impossible.

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At times, I’d stare at him and wish I had his fuel. I’m the hang loose type. I’d usually just follow wherever the universe leads me, to be honest. But when I met Deo, I suddenly felt the need to rethink about what I really want in my life. I’m fulfilled with where I am now, but there’s even so much more to explore. What are your dreams, Arns? How else do you maximize your existence? There’s more to life than living. You just have to beat complacency.

However, it’s amazing how our contrast serves as our reminder of how we should go about life. When his thirst for bigness swells, I’m the one who keeps him calm and cites how he should be kinder and fair to himself. When I feel hopeless about work and other stuff, Deo would remind me of the things he has surpassed that almost seemed impossible. Sometimes, all you need is someone who will push you to become better. I’m grateful because we’re more than just a couple; we’re life partners. :)

Tried my best not to put more cheese in this post, just so you know! Hahaha! Bottomline is that when you find that perfect contrast, never let it go. Similar with a Yin Yang that's bound to maintain wholeness and balance, one cannot live without the other.

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