August 2016 Happy List

Is it just me or the past months really flew by so fast? We’re now down to the last few days of August! Whether 2016 has been good or bad for you, you still have a couple of months to make this year your own! Positivity all the way! :)

And to keep the optimism going, think about your favorites and do or have them more often. Here’s my list for August!

On me: pullover courtesy of Penshoppe | Uniqlo pants | watch courtesy of Komono | Adidas Stan Smiths | sling bag courtesy of SM Accessories

Me and my infinite love for white clothes

My fashion mantra: When in doubt, wear white! If you’ve been following my blog ever since, you can attest to this! :)

Japanese food

I think I hear “irasshaimase” every week. I crave for Japanese food all the time! My Instagram Stories and Snapchat are always filled with spicy salmon sashimi, maki and katsu. I actually had those for lunch earlier but craving for them again as I type. This is crazy.


Work’s getting tougher and draining, tbh. That’s why I’m thankful that Raid My Closet is here to keep me sane. Blogging helps me feel relaxed and attending events (no matter how traffic it is in Manila) makes me happy.

Family Time 

The universe has given me the best gift and it’s no other than Deo. I’m lucky I’ve finally found my soulmate, and even luckier because our parents click so well. Nothing beats seating at one table, laughing and sharing meals and stories with your loved ones. Our restaurant hopping, house bonding and car rides are priceless! I’ll always be grateful for those moments. :)

Photos by Deo Montuerto 

These and more! Key takeaway’s that you should find out what makes you happy and stick with them for as long as you could. How about you? What are your favorites this August?

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