Giveaway Alert: Lux Soft Touch

Just to share, I spend around an hour (or more) in the bathroom when showering. I follow strict beauty rituals and if I miss one, I’d feel upset the entire day. Even on days when I’ve early call time or meetings, I make sure to wake up earlier than usual just so I’ve my grand bathing o’clock.

When LUX was introduced to the market, I switched my body wash to this because they have enticing skin promises. They weren’t kidding about Lux’s smoothening powers and long-lasting fragrance. Feeling confident and irresistible all day long! :)

The LUX Soft Touch Body Wash has silk protein extracts which can give you noticeably softer and smoother skin. It can hydrate your dry skin cells and keep you refreshed the whole day! There are days when I fail to spray in perfume but LUX got me covered and I smell so good for hours!

How to use? Pour a drop of this body wash and gently lather with a pouf. Massage all over your body to let the luxurious lather and its enchanting fragrance embrace your skin and senses every day.

You will also love the convenience LUX brings especially when you take it with you during trips! My OC self hates sachets and unsecured soap bars. LUX is the total opposite because it’s handy and squeaky clean (no spills) ❤

Floral seamless bra courtesy of Barbizon

Apart from the LUX Soft Touch Body Wash, they also released the LUX Soft Touch Perfumed Soap. I’ll try it out very soon and make a review so stay tuned! :)

Since LUX loves YOU so much, they’re running and Instagram contest for my readers!
To join:

✓ Follow @LuxPH on Instagram
✓ Post a selfie
✓ Answer why you love having fragrant skin
✓ Use the hashtags #BatheWithLux and #LuxSoftTouch

That’s it! Giveaway’s running until May 28, 2016! 20 lucky winners will receive a Lux Soft Touch gift pack. Excited to see your entries! Good luck everyone! xx

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