Back to Basics

With blogging, kilig never fades. I’ve been in the industry for almost 5 years already but I still feel giddy while shooting OOTDs and drafting posts. Receiving emails from brands for events and projects still humbles me, as if it’s my first time (all over again) to get tapped for a collaboration. And to be honest, I still melt whenever I read your comments and messages, not only about my latest style posts but about how you get affected with my #FeelsFest. I’ve the best readers on earth ♥

Sorry if I sounded a bit emotional there, haha! Just came from a refreshing Holy Week trip with my family and I’ve a couple of hours intended for rest and blogging. I realized I haven’t been posting as often as before anymore because work work work work work work he said me haffi (hahaha what was that Arns) but I’ll try my best to go back to the grind. After all, Raid My Closet is my home and first love!

On me: Forever 21 dress and necklace | Spend/Save purse courtesy of SM Accessories | Adidas Stan Smiths (White)

Plain dresses versus printed ones, gold slim necklaces over statement pieces, white sneakers! Returning back to basics!

It's perfectly fine to follow the latest style trends and experiment, but make sure to not go over the top. Keep the staples - those that you can still wear even after a couple of years. :)

All-time dilemma: Spend or Save
Which would you rather do? :p

Photos by John King delos Reyes

Saucony Unveils Limited Edition Kinvara 7 and DXN Trainer Tokyo Pack

Saucony has a pleasant surprise for all the sneakerheads out there! Mark your calendars and set your alarm: On April 1, 12MN, the brand will exclusively release the Saucony Limited Edition Tokyo Pack on

What’s up with their latest release?

When Saucony asked Japanese artist Toshikazu Noasaka to design shoes to commemorate the Tokyo Marathon, the only Asian race in the highly celebrated World Marathon Majors, he brilliantly conveyed Japanese heritage through this Special Edition Tokyo Pack.

His vision for two of Saucony’s popular models, the Kinvara and the DXN Trainer, includes “sakura” or cherry blossoms and a great wave, in shades of black, white and silver.

Kinvara 7 (Php5,995.00)

The Kinvara 7 (Php5,995.00) gets a Japanese-style makeover with the country’s well-known spring icon, the Sakura or a cherry blossom which has a special meaning in Japanese culture because of its fragility and beauty. The Sakura’s lifespan only lasts a week, and the bloom signifies the beginning of spring.

DXN Trainer (Php4,995.00)

The DXN trainer retails for Php4,995.00 and features Nozaka’s original wave design which expresses passion and forward motion, taking inspiration from traditional Japanese prints created in the early 1800s while the background scale design represents rebirth in Japanese culture.

Nozaka’s background in tattoo artistry shines through in the design, with its bold curves and intricate inlay.

Limited pairs of the Tokyo Pack DXN Trainer and Kinvara 7 will be exclusively released online on April 1, 12MN and at the Saucony Retail Store, Level 2 of Glorietta 3 (Kinvara 7 only) on April 1, 2016.

Excited to see your OOTDs with Saucony's latest pairs! Tag me @arnievillanueva_ and @sauconyPH on Instagram!

Life Lately

Life lately? Non-stop work + quality time with friends + more lovely moments with my family + got exposed to a "new" community + My Burrito! Crazy but nothing short of amazing ♥

With all that’s been happening over the past months, one of my key learnings is the art of letting go. Probably that’s one of the reasons why I feel at peace and so carefree right now. I had to grasp it the hard way, but I wouldn’t want to trade this feeling with anything else. On cloud nine and I’m loving it!

On me: off-shoulder top from Wellworth (UP Town Center) | black skirt from Cotton On | Adidas Superstars (Triple White) | Deo's cap

Letting go means you have to say goodbye. There’s power in bidding that, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Just like these:

1. Let go of the things that hinder your growth and happiness.

Do you want to try new things but you’re afraid of judgments? Do you want to do something but you’re scared of the hypercritical society? Shrug off these thoughts and make yourself happy. After all, their opinions won’t matter and your future self will thank you for taking a leap of faith. Satisfy your cravings, spike your adrenaline, get lost and laugh about it. All these while you still have the time and energy. You’ll regret staying in your comfort zone when you get older.

2. Let go of negative thoughts.

Cliche, but allow me to remind you of a line from Invictus - "I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.” Optimism is important if you want to reach your goals. Stop thinking about the things that you can't do. Consider those that you CAN do. Surround yourself with positive people. Weigh your strengths and weaknesses, and use those as your weapons in exceeding yourself.

3. Let go of worries and fears.

Life’s not always easy and we can’t have it all. Sometimes, the universe will even surprise you with your own limitations that will put down your self-esteem. You’ve consulted with pretty much all your closest peers and have read x number of self-help books/websites, but you still can’t seem to find the right answers. How to escape this (almost impossible) dark cloud? Let go of your worries and fears through prayers. Surrender it all to Him, be completely honest to the Man Up if you feel like you can no longer carry your heavy load.

You feel embarrassed because you think you’re not the perfect Christian? That you have nothing left? Don’t worry, we’re all unworthy. And He’d never see us that way especially when we wholeheartedly offer all that we are to Him. :)

All these, never perfect, but I’m enjoying every bit of my life lately.

Photos by Mom

Hoping you had a restful and meaningful Holy Week! ♥
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Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa for Paradise IMF (Philippines)

Too thrilled for Paradise IMF! Really, who isn’t excited for this fest? ♥ My everyday playlist’s already filled with jams from the line-up!

It’s official: the Paradise International Music Fest is gearing up for their first-ever music spectacle in Manila by bringing in one of the most influential names in the international music industry.

The one day fest will happen on April 9, 2016 at the Aseana Open Grounds, ParaƱaque City and is produced by the experienced Boardworks Media Entertainment.

Paradise will surely be a unique experience for all local and foreign festival goers as Kanye West (AHHHHH MY LOVE) will be the main headliner. Astoundingly, this will be the first time the recording artist, songwriter, record producer and fashion designer will perform in the Philippines. Confirmed also to perform are Austin Mahone, Rudimental and DJ AfroJack. Too much love for this one helluva night!

Nope, that’s not all! Following a surprise announcement, North Dakota rapper Wiz Khalifa is on deck to join Kanye West at Paradise!


It has not been quite long since the very public Twitter war between Kanye and Wiz broke out a few months back. The Twitter war began when Wiz tweeted shades against Yeezy (producer changed his album name from SWISH to WAVES). Things eventually blew to bigger proportions as when the artist started tweeting with regards to personal issues.

It was only until the end of January where the said artists had a ceasefire. Kanye deleted his negative tweets regarding Wiz, and said, “I’ma take these down ‘cause it’s all about positive energy.”

Can’t wait to see this positive energy at Paradise IMF! This is noted to be the first performance of the two after the ceasefire! ;)

See you there?

Coca-Cola Taste The Feeling Festival

Iba talaga ang Coke! I’m sure you experience the same level of delight and kilig, too, whenever you sip through your ice-cold Coke! Ang sarap sa feeling, diba? :)

Recently, Coca Cola Philippines held a special event, open and made for everyone to enjoy and really get to #TasteTheFeeling! The festival was held at Circuit Makati Event Grounds where all of our favorite bands and celebrities performed.

Right after our family reunion, I headed straight to this fest and arrived just in time for Up Dharma Down! The place was so packed - intense but positive! Since there were no entrance fees and everyone knew Alden was coming, it was so hard to get in.

Lots of surprises from Coke and it was super fun! Take a peak from this video:

With my high school deary Jean! ♥

From the media/VIP area, I pretty much had a good view of the crowd and the stage. There, I saw all sorts of feelings from all the attendees - from sadness (they probably remembered something from one of the songs) to extreme happiness when Alden came in!

Night’s best: Spongecola finally came out to perform! It was beautiful and fulfilling to witness everyone singing their hearts out to every line. Solid, OPM!

Spongecola sang some of their famous songs like Di Na Mababawi, Tuliro, Bitiw, and my most favorite - Jeepney. I almost broke down at Circuit because I haven’t heard this song for ages! Hahaha! This band is classic. They know how to talk to your heart with e-v-e-r-y word, every song. Paano.

Shortly after Spongecola’s performance, DJ Nina and Funk Avy took the stage and made us all dance to their beat drops. Met new friends and partied with them over our favorite Coke (+Patron) :p It was a great festival ender!

Thank you so much to my Coca-Cola Philippines family for having me to the Taste the Feeling festival, and for bringing back so many beautiful feelings! Never thought I'd savor those again! :)

Wanderlust: Benefit x Saladbox

My Sundays are often intended only for my family and church! But last week, I made sure to squeeze in attending a blog event in between my sacred day. Because really, how can you say no to an hour filled with makeup - not to mention, for Benefit Cosmetics? :)

This March, the leading beauty box Saladbox partners with global brand Benefit Cosmetics in curating their latest box. Themed Wanderlust, they feature products perfect to bring when traveling.

What makes this month’s Saladbox edition special? Three firsts in the local beauty industry:

- First time for Benefit Cosmetics to sample a full-sized product via a beauty box
- First time for Saladbox to offer the Saladbox Sample Select feature
- First time for consumers to try out Benefit’s newest launch: They’re Real! Tinted Lash Primer

Wasn’t born with lengthy lashes so thank heavens for Benefit’s Roller Lash! I’ve been using this for over a year now and the results are outstanding! :)

But Benefit’s not stopping - they recently released the They’re Real! Tinted Lash Primer and I’m so excited to use it! Double drama!

An international hit, They’re Real! Tinted Lash Primer can be used alone or with your favorite mascara. They said it’s best used with They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara for better effects! :)

They’re Real! Tinted Lash Primer is available in all Benefit stores nationwide, and will be inside EVERY Saladbox this month! :)

Each Wanderlust Saladbox will include one (1) full-sized product, three (3) deluxe samples, and one (1) brow wax gift card. With over Php2,700 in total value for a Php500 price tag, this is definitely a beauty steal.

Saladbox also debuts its newest feature, Saladbox Sample Select, wherein subscribers may choose one sample they will receive. For this month’s box, it’s a choice between Benefit’s Rockateur Box o’ Powder and Rockateur Ultra Plush Lip Gloss, both in full size.

Check out the partnership and buy your Saladbox subscriptions at

Try your luck and join Saladbox’s promo, too! Get a chance to win a full-sized They’re Real! Tinted Lash Primer here.

Thanks for always having me, Saladbox and Benefit Cosmetics! Reviewing the They’re Real! Tinted Lash Primer soon! xx