Nadine Lustre and James Reid for Parisian and Milanos

My closest friends know how much of a #Jadine fan I am. :p Yup, secret revealed! I’m a certified OTWOLista and my Spotify playlist has Bahala Na, Period No Erase, Randomatic and Hanap-Hanap. Hahaha! No judging please! I mean, how can you not love these two?

More Jadine photos and realnezz as you scroll!

When I received SM Parisian’s invite on unveiling their "hottest pair” event, they didn’t mention who their new celebrity endorsers are, but I felt it was going to be Nadine and James! Lo and behold! :)

Kelly and I arrived just in time for the fashion show at SM City Makati! The place was packed with people excited to meet the hottest pair plus the newest collection from SM Parisian and Milanos.

Shortly after, the two went down from the escalator, ready to strut the runway.

I know you’re thrilled to see more of James Reid for Milanos, so here you go! :)


I’ve always been a fan of Parisian Shoes and Bags. Back in college, my everyday flats and handbags were from the brand. Their collections are always up-to-date and fairly-priced, no need to risk your allowance just to stay stylish! Even now that I’m working, Parisian Shoes and Bags is still my go-to shopping hub.

I’ve read from one of Nadine’s magazine interviews that, for her, spending big on fashion is not as important as being resourceful. “Dressing up does not have to be expensive. I used to buy from thrift stores and saved what little money I had to update my wardrobe. If you really want it, you will find a way.” (Preview, December 2015 - January 2016)

My queen knows it! ;)

Loving Parisian Shoes and Bags' latest releases! The pair Nadine's wearing here is actually my favorite! Those from Milanos Shoes are equally awesome, too! I can imagine my guy friends wearing them! :)

My picks! Went home with five (5) pairs from Parisian Shoes and Bags! YAAAAS ♥

Huge love and thanks to the Parisian Shoes and Bags + Milanos Shoes team for having me!

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