Customize Your Cases at The Kase Philippines

Gadget freaks would know how important it is to get cases for devices. Your handy-dandy pals need style and protection! There are lots of case shops out there, but you might want to try checking out The Kase store, brand established from France. They've finally landed in Manila! :)

I recently got an iPhone6S and hurried to purchase a tempered glass screen protector. I tend to get clumsy at times so that’s a must! :p Aside from that, I was contemplating on which case to buy then I remembered The Kase. Drove to Glorietta not just for the accessory, but for the actual experience of having my own case customized! ♥

The Kase France says hello to all fashion-forward and tech-savvy Filipinos! This international brand is dedicated to embellish, give custom fit and personalize our gadgets.

What spares The Kase from the rest? Here are some points!


Have your cases personalized and custom-fit in real time inside their boutiques! Currently The Kase has branches in NAIA Terminal 3, Glorietta and Powerplant. You may either choose from their exclusive collection made by their community of designers or have your life’s snapshots engraved on your mobile phone cases. With the latter, you can tap into your own personal pictures to create cases with your most treasured memories in just a few minutes! :)

Where the magic happens!

Was able to witness my customized case coming to life with their innovative printing system! In about 5 minutes or so, it’s all done and ready to use! ♥ 

The kilig was intense, I tell you! ;)


The Kase wants its clients to take advantage of an extremely wide range of fashion accessories for mobile phones.

Whichever your smartphone or tablet may be (iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia, HTC…), The Kase offers fashion accessory formats adapted to your brand.


Are you into Crystals, Leathers, Metal, Plastified, Studded, Silicones or Wooden cases? The Kase has them all! ;)


Aiming to stand out, The Kase takes careful care of the design and beauty of its boutiques. Stylish coulours (black and white), unpolished and glossy aspect, noble materials (glass, lacquered wood), bright well-lit atmospheres blend in with top-notch furniture, to create a refined universe. So elegant! You HAVE to visit their branches soon!

Albeit being premium, see how affordable their cases are? :)

And since The Kase loves you, they’ve an on-going Buy 2 Get 1 promo for customized phone cases, ending on March 31, 2016. Don’t miss this!

The Kase will also launch their e-commerce website very soon, making the whole process more convenient for you! In there, you can already customize, pay for, and deliver your cases anywhere in the Philippines! :)

We have an exciting surprise for my readers soon! Just ironing out the details, but this is gonna be fun! ♥

Thanks JP and The Kase team! Til my next visit!

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