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Have you ever lost your confidence because of how the society defines beauty? We have been in a closed box of “I should be thin. I should be blemish-free. My hair should be impeccable. Must be in style.” Every. Single. Day. And this is a sad story for our generation.

Fortunately, with the help of social media, everyone’s able to voice out their battle cries. Enough with how others dictate our perception of beauty. Modern women are already challenging these standards, especially for the perfect body type.

Leading this charge, SM Woman champions a body-positive cause by providing the most diverse range of fashion for women of every size, every age, and every style.

Now is the time to be fearless; be daring, be SM Woman. This campaign encourages all women to love their bodies and be confident in their own skin. Watch the videos in this post to see the overwhelming response from women all over the Philippines.

Plus size model and life coach, Kimi Lu, shares “It could be life changing to feel accepted as it promotes equality for each person.” And just like that, SM Woman breaks down the limitations of body standards.

For the savvy stylista who wants to be on-trend while staying smart about money, SM Woman offers items starting at Php799. You don’t need to break the bank to look chic this season.

Now with a more luxe spin for the woman who’s made it in her career and personal life, SM Woman Prima offers polished looking pieces that are deserving of a sophisticated life. With beautiful dresses that are cut forgivingly and easy separates that are made of quality fabric, Prima is the line for the woman who has excellent taste.

SM Woman makes it easy for women to look great. Each fashion-forward piece is chosen for the Filipina, by a Filipina. Invest in ever-posh styles that always spell out, “I have arrived,” no matter what the occasion. With the options available, every woman can look their best every single day; be confident and spot-on with the latest trends whether it’s to make a good first impression at a job interview, or to glam up for a night out, or to polish a casual look. There is a fashionable piece folded on the racks or elegantly draped on a mannequin for every woman, fitting to complement a variety of body shapes and to enhance the Filipina’s skin tones.

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