How Can I Stop Worrying

Couple of weeks back, I suddenly felt very lost and burned-out. Not sure if it’s just stress or hormones or whatever. I can’t seem to find my drive back. Maybe it just happens! But coincidentally, during one of our long drives back to Quezon City from a meeting in Makati (insane traffic, like every day and you know it), my boss shared with us an inspiring story about his dream, which suddenly led to the podcast he listens to lately. He has totally no idea that my system has gone adrift. Yet it was the perfect wake up call I needed.

I started listening to Rick Warren’s podcast - Daily Hope - and thought of sharing with you one of my favorite topics from his feed: How Can I Stop Worrying? Whether you’re currently fighting a tough battle or not, this might help you. :)

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Pastor Rick kept reiterating this line: God will meet all your needs. To those who ask, “Is God a liar?” The answer is no. He didn’t say “I will meet all your greeds.”

Every time you start worrying, you forget that there is a God. So how can we really stop worrying? Here are 4 quick points.

1. Get to know God.

“I’ve got it all on me. I have it all by myself."

If you don’t have a relationship with God, you have ALL the reasons to worry. Who do you rely on? Your family or peers are there but they can’t attend to you 24/7 because they’re also busy living their own lives and trying hard to fix their own struggles. So without God, you don’t have any external power or hope. Fears will come in soon enough, until your only way is to choose to believe. Now if you do, you will be amazed with what happens to your life. :)

2. Put God first.

What is the most important thing in your life? Is it your career, family, pleasures, hobbies, money, etc.? Yes, these are all good and vital. But if you keep centering your life towards these material delights, you will keep worrying. Stop living for things. Start living for God. 

3. Live one day at a time.
Pastor Rick cracked that Jesus said, “Don’t open your umbrella until it starts to rain.”
Witty but true! The real message is to NOT be worried about tomorrow.

When you’re worried about tomorrow, you can’t enjoy today. That simple. :)

4. Trust God to take care of your needs.

We always hear this because it’s true - give all your worries to God. Unload everything to Him.

In life you have two choices: Pray or Panic? Prayers are far more powerful than a human mind can understand. The result? An incredible peace of mind.

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