Having a day job with unlimited meetings plus juggling blogger duties in between would entail dressing up to the nines everyday. So on weekends, I try to be on my most laid back self as much as possible, to rest my soles and senses! :)

Albeit having an early start for a Saturday, everything was lax and easygoing. Headed to John Robert Powers around 10:00AM for a quick visit and briefing, followed by friendly dates - Hole In The Wall with Ana and Paulski, then dinner and coffee with my best friend Gia. My kind of weekend! ❤

On me: white buttondown courtesy of Romwe | gold shimmer shorts courtesy of Perfect Fit Shop | bag from SM Parisian | Nike Fireberry Roshe Runs from Urban Athletics (available in Greenbelt 3) | watch from Aldo

Here's a fuss-free but no-fail weekend combo: white tee + pair of shorts + sneakers! Bloggers can take a day off from smashing colors and heavy blings, too! :)

Aaand please don't judge if all these happened in one day... :p

Bad Bird, Green Cheese and Scout's Honor with Ana and Paul

Ginza Bairin with my best friend Gia

Villa del Conte chocolate from Paulski

*crying so hard inside for ruining my summer body*

Photos by Paul Chuapoco
Belated happy birthday, Paulyyy!!!

How do you usually dress up during weekends? I'd love to know! xx

Happy List: January 2015

Most of us experience highs and lows in life, and we get overwhelmed and tend to dwell on the negative side. We get blinded by the troubles and forget the blessings that come our way. So on our journey to positivity this 2015, join me in listing down the things that make you happy each month - look back, exercise gratefulness and focus on these whenever you feel sad. :) I'm sure some of my readers have blogs, too, so you might want to put up a Happy List section there! Start na now, and make sure to tag me on Twitter or Instagram with your published post so I can read! ❤

On me: drawstring top courtesy of Judy Ann Teo Collection | necklace courtesy of The Accessorist

Happy List for January 2015
Things that I'm thankful for the past month!

2. Birthday of the most beautiful woman in the world aka my Mom ❤
3. Successful pitch presentations and client meetings
Ibang klase the feeling when you see them nod and smile on your proposed marketing plans! Gives me harder and better drive!
4. My 1st work birthday!
5. Second promotion in a year of working... Priceless! ❤

Saw him up close for his Meeting with the Families, experienced overflowing spiritual tears :)
7. My fireberry Nike Roshe Run
9. Continuous blog-related projects (Heartfelt thanks to the all the brands for trusting me!)

11. Tagaytay weekend with the family
12. My favorite Nerds in pink and purple
13. My all-time favorite original Lays
14. Random dinner dates with my friends
15. New blog logo and layout!!! ❤❤❤ 
What can you say about it? :) :) :)

In other news... don't you just love this pretty necklace courtesy of The Accessorist? I've been wearing it daily since I received it! I love this classic piece - you can pair it with any outfit!

Now if I can't go on a day without this necklace, most of my guy friends mentioned that they feel naked without their watches! ZALORA Philippines carries an array of stylish watches so be sure to check it out! 

Really had fun tracing down these things! Made me realize how beautiful January was. Definitely looking forward to write down my next one and to see yours as well! :)

BOBSON: Art of Pure Japanese Denim

The Japanese take great pride in craftsmanship. Their attention to detail and dedication to quality are exemplified in many of their crafts including origami, ikebana, and calligraphy. This passion for craftsmanship takes off from the Japanese concept shokunin kishitsu or artisan’s spirit, which believes that great technical skill leads to creation of things that make an impact in people’s lives.

This same concept is what lies beneath BOBSON’s approach to making jeans. As the pure Japanese denim brand, BOBSON jeans are made with quality as the cornerstone and detail as the craft. BOBSON gives premium construction to all products, highlighting the innovative and artisan craft of Japan.

The Denim DNA is the brand’s “bible”, the ultimate guide in the creation of every pair of BOBSON jeans. Each component in the Denim DNA contributes to the stylishly clean and effortlessly cool pieces that BOBSON wearers can flaunt and enjoy.

Giving BOBSON its signature streamlined look is its clean, open outseam finish while the 11 stitches per inch add to the denim material’s refinement. Hang loops also lessen the creases to keep each pair looking polished.

In terms of durability, BOBSON’s J-insert loop provides every pair with stronger construction while the authentic Japanese extended waistbands give a better hold. Curve back risers and darts are also strategically placed to accentuate the wearer from behind. 

Pockets of BOBSON jeans are also ergonomically hand-fitted for comfort while the Ozaki family crest is used as back pocket design, the mark of BOBSON’s Japanese roots.

BOBSON also utilizes the left hand twill style of weaving to set it apart from other jeans which use the common right hand twill. Left hand twill is a style of weaving that runs from the fabric’s upper left to lower right, which creates softer denim with a more open weave. With this type of weave, BOBSON ensures that each of its jeans is more comfortable and allows the wearer freer movement.

Another Japanese denim discipline practiced by BOBSON is the use of the hand-dye method which produces natural indigo raw denim. Considered as a more traditional and laborious technique, the hand-dye method means that cotton is hand-dipped in indigo (which gives denim its deep blue color) prior to being shuttle woven. This approach enables the indigo to penetrate the center of the yarn so that jeans fade more slowly compared to jeans made using the machine-dye method.

All these meticulous approaches employed by BOBSON in the creation of its jeans spring from its Japanese roots and commitment to quality. “Our strong adherence to our Japanese heritage and superior craftsmanship is what sets BOBSON apart in the denim scene today. We put premium on quality to make jeans that create an impact. When you buy a BOBSON pair, you know that it’s built to last, and to impress on both fronts of comfort and style,” Magnaye concludes.

For more updates, visit BOBSON's Official Facebook page here.


Aaand it's finally out! Catch me in the latest issue of ONLY MNL - an online magazine + shopping site that aims to guide and inspire the everyday fashionista. So happy and thankful that they chose me as their cover girl for the second release! And I'm more than thrilled to share with you what's inside - my story about fashion blogging, how it all started, message for my dearest readers and so much more! ❤ Visit this digital magazine pretty please? :)

Working (on a Sunday morning, mind you) with the ONLY MNL team was a breeze! Compared to other shoots I've done before, this was the most relaxed one! I love how organized everything was, and they took good care of me during the entire shoot. Many thanks to my glam team Yna Mendez and Johanna Ty, our master photographer Kerwin Tan and all the brands who supported this issue!

Brainchild and Stylist of ONLY MNL - Yna Mendez
Make-up Artist - Johanna Ty
Photographer - Kerwin Tan

Some BTS snippets:

Shoot Set: dresses from ONLY MNL | accessories from The Accessorist PH | shoes from Petite Amie

Struggle to get that good shot is real!!! Wind vs Arnie game strong! Hahahaha

What sets ONLY MNL apart from other online shops is that they regularly release their own digital magazine and collaborates with other brands (supporting entrepreneurs) to continuously promote the Philippine fashion industry. Concept's really nice and well-thought-of! Super galing! I believe ONLY MNL will go places! ❤

Hope you guys will support this issue of ONLY MNL! Shop what I'm wearing by visiting the SEASON OF LOVE album from their Facebook page. My favorite's the royal blue haltered string dress! :p

Many thanks to Yna Mendez and the entire ONLY MNL team for having me! Congratulations for the successful launch!

Visit ONLY MNL's latest issue here and I will love you forever!!!

Start With Xenical

Xenical, renowned and trusted brand for managing weight loss, is giving away awesome prizes for their #StartWithXenical promo! Get a chance to win 2-month supply of Xenical products, one (1) year gym membership and fitness apparel shopping spree worth Php10,000! Exciting, right? To join, simply accomplish these:

1. Register to

2. Once registered, log in and click here to fill out the promo form.

3. Take a selfie or a photo of yourself holding a sign with this statement: "I am <indicate your name>. And I choose to #StartWithXenical."

4. Answer the question, "How do you think beyond weight loss?"

Promo runs until February 28, 2015. Good luck everyone!

For detailed terms and mechanics, visit their website

L'Oreal Mat Magique

For the first time in 3 years of blogging, I'm finally posting a makeup review! *happy dance*

L'Oreal Paris recently released yet another great addition to their makeup line - the Mat Magique Transforming Powder. This matte foundation promises the magic of 12-hour shine-free and flawless beauty. When product teasers came out during the first few days of January, I felt really intrigued and excited to purchase it. Exactly fits my crazy schedule; no need for frequent retouches in between meetings! :) Lo and behold, I experienced the magique! Check out these photos.

L’Oreal Mat Magique All-in-One Matte Transforming Powder in Nude Vanilla (N2)

Girls without makeup skills and glam time (like me!!!) will surely love the L'Oreal Mat Magique because it's already all-in-one - you wouldn't need to layer your face with heavy foundations and concealers. Mat Magique gives the full coverage you need, and minimizes the appearance of stubborn blemishes and imperfections.

Photos without makeup, taken around 9:45AM

With the help of a skin care routine that I religiously follow, I only get a zit during my period or on days when I have zero sleep. Regardless, wearing makeup is still important. Working in digital entails millions of meetings, so I've to at least look polished before facing clients.

Photo after applying the Mat Magique, 10:00AM

For almost 2 weeks, the L'Oreal Mat Magique has been helping me save time from retouching. From using the powder room in between work for quick touches, now I'll only have to check with my handy mirror. :) Really suited for young professionals!

I love its sleek packaging - lightweight and very hygienic (has a separate area for sponge)!

Apart from all those impressive attributes, it's also worth-noting that this product also offers SPF34 PA+++. In a nutshell, SPF means Sun Protection Factor and PA is a rating system to show how much protection you are getting against UVA rays. More plus (+) signs mean a higher level of UVA protection. :)

Now I'm more confident to take #nofilter selfies with the Mat Magique!

You'll know more about my experience with this product at Also my first time to cross post with a fellow blogger, so please please support!

Blue State

Sporting yet another blue ensemble! I think my closet's filled with whites and blues, and I'm not complaining! :) These are actually my favorite colors - very true blue Marian! St. Mary's reprezzzent! :p This color is stately, clean and chic; you know you're gonna need it.

Whenever I feel nervous or uneasy, I try to get over it by wearing my favorites (like a dress in my favorite color, my nicest accessories, or a pretty pair of shoes) to make me feel comfortable. I knew this was the perfect dress to wear to my first school day in John Robert Powers. Throwback to frosh years and I'm sure you know the feeling!

On me: Lapel Waisted Chiffon Dress courtesy of Starmimi by USOplus | bag from SM Parisian | Mom's sandals | watch from Aldo

This simple yet elegant dress is the absolute piece that you can wear for any occasion. You can either dress it up (with heels and added accessories) or down (similar to how I wore it). I believe it's also available in black, so get yours now at or Zalora Marketplace!

While we're at it, have you heard about USOplus already? This online shopping boutique has recently launched in the Philippines, providing the market with a unique mix of Korean/Japanese style in their collections. You should really visit their online handles (website and Facebook account) for your dose of trendy, well-designed pieces at affordable prices.

You may also check out my first outfit post featuring USOplus here

Photos by Ana Gonzales

How about you? What's your usual go-to color and outfit? Share them with me in the comments section! :)

Have a fun-filled day ahead! ❤