Attachment Issues

Past experiences have taught me to be guarded. I try my best not to be clingy and limit myself from showing emotions because I know how hard it is to be left alone. It's a huge nightmare, that until now I'm having a tough time with even simple good byes. But life's filled with impermanence, and only a handful of people will really stick with you forever. So make sure to guard yourself from potential heartaches, and learn to detach. This has been my constant self-reminder for years that I often tend to forget because we can't really stop ourselves from feeling things... but at least you know how to get back up. :) Oh, this crazy life's irony!

On me: dress courtesy of Paradise Treats | watch from Aldo | flats courtesy of Rosem

On a lighter note, how do you like this pretty ruffled hem dress from Paradise Treats? Its color and style can stand alone, no need for excessive accessories! :) Something you can wear for your ladies' lunch or random mall day. :)

Hope you're having a great (and heartache-free) week! :)

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