Bloggers United 8 Photodiary

Finally blogging about Bloggers United 8!!! Huge thanks to everyone who came to drop by my booth and raided my closet! My birthday and this event won't be as fun without you guys! ❤ 

Now see if your pretty faces are here!!! :)

Love all these photos! ❤

Most bongga part: a birthday surprise planned by the sweetest readers on earth!!! Ahhh!!! It's been 2 weeks now but I still can't get over this! I have the BEST Raid My Closet babies on earth!

Love you babies!!! Sobrang paandar lang ng video niyo and cake and love!!! I've no words!!

Ended my special day at Sentro 1771 ❤
Thank You, Lord, for the gift of life!

See you all at Bloggers United 9, yes? ;)

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