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Albeit being in the world of blogging for more than 3 years now, I can still be the most timid girl you can ever meet. Fears, insecurities and worries run through my veins everytime I meet new people or go somewhere new. It's natural! Most girls feel this way all the time. :p But things become negative when you don't #STOPTHEBULONG. I always try my best to fight that pessimist inner voice and self-doubt! You should practice that, too! :)

On me: color splash drawstring top courtesy of Perfect Fit Shop | skirt from Style Code | wrist watch courtesy of Tomato Time | coffee brown sling bag courtesy of Romwe | 2015 Scribble Planner courtesy of FILED | sandals from my Mom's closet :p

I guess this typography inside my 2015 FILED Scribble Planner's THE perfect reminder!

"Don't do it na. Mapapahiya ka lang."

Does this sound familiar? Forget it and #stopthebulong! Allow me to cite some of my crazy encounters with my inner voice of doubt.

1. Blogging.
3 years back, I entered blogging and I was just contented with writing my free-flowing thoughts. It was never (ever) really my goal to be "out there" and get the perks. When I got my first invite for a blog event, I was so hesitant and anxious. I knew I was about to face a different environment. My inner voice told me not to attend it because I felt ugly, my style wasn't pretty, and the guests were all strangers to me. But I was able to #stopthebulong and it was actually one of the best decisions I've ever made. Surprisingly through blogging, I met true friends! :)

2. Work.
Back then, getting employed wasn't in my plan. I was already okay with the blog world and almost prepared to put up a business. But little Arnie is thirsty for growth and new adventures. Suddenly I realized I wanted to work and explore how it's like to be in a fast-paced and competitive company. My inner voice told me I won't make it, but I fought it and I'm beyond happy with where I am right now. :) There might be dreadful days due to workload and deadlines, but I'm still very happy. Not everyone's blessed to have a job with an environment (literally and figuratively) like ours! Can't thank the Lord enough!

3. Singing.
My inner voice (and even my friendsss, ugh) told me I've an awful singing voice. Hahaha! But I firmly believe I can be the Mariah Carey of the Philippines. I've yet to prove this, so I'm throwing a birthday concert. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HAHAHA

Do you have inner voice of doubts that are holding you back? Pop those bubbles and #stopthebulong! :)

Photos by John King delos Reyes

Watch how Julia Barretto and other teens around the nation stopped the bulong in this video:

Are you game to join the movement? Go to!
Share your #StopTheBulong story and how you conquer it in the comments section below! :)

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