Gift of Time

What I've learned from my crazily busy schedule was that you should never risk your time with the people you love no matter how swamped with school or work you are. In my field (both work and blogging), it's normal to go overtime to finish decks or spend countless hours for events. There were moments when I missed family gatherings and other special occasions just to complete my duties. And I really feel guilty about it, because I've been working too hard that I've been neglecting the reason why I've been striving in the first place - my family. My energetic and enthusiastic self suddenly lost drive, because I knew there was something missing. Time. Can't believe I allowed myself to reach this point. Probably I just got overwhelmed, but I'm glad I'm slowly learning how to balance things. Hashtag priorities! :)

On me: basic white tee courtesy of Giordano | black jeans courtesy of Ensembles | Star Player sneakers in Ox Blood courtesy of Converse Philippines | leather watch courtesy of Tomato Time | Romwe sunnies | Redmi 1S courtesy of Xiaomi Philippines

When I realized about this whole work-life balance thing, the "drive" I've been looking for in the past few weeks went back. And it's fiercer! :p Maybe because I finally get to spend time with my loved ones without risking my work quality. Hoping to maintain this for long! :)

Anymoo, while we're at it, can I ask for YOUR time as well? Bloggers United 8 is happening NEXT WEEK!!! On December 7, my birthday (teehee), YOU can raid my closet and your favorite bloggers' as well at Whitespace Makati! More about Bloggers United here. We'll be reunited for the 8th time at the biggest interactive shopping affair and you definitely can't afford to miss this! :) So excited to see you guys!!! 

How important is the gift of time for you? Appreciate your comments below! :)

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