FILED's 2015 Scribble and Doodle Planners

People would often ask how I manage to juggle my crazy schedule for my job, blog duties and social life. Can't really give them any concrete answer, but I know for sure that my day's heavily reliant on what's written on my Shiftnotes and planner. Despite owning gadgets which can help remind me of my daily tasks, I still make sure to write down everything I've to accomplish in my planner. Believe me, it's helpful! It works for me, and I get to see my progress and deadlines. I feel a certain kind of joy whenever I get to tick off (using a highlighter/marker) stuff from it! :p

Admittedly, I'm one of those who line up at Starbucks and religiously drink their frappes just to get stickers for planners. Every. Single. Christmas. Season - since time immemorial! I haven't tried using others yet, and I feel this deed's ruining my pocket and diet, so I'm very happy that FILED chose me as one of their online influencers for their 2015 planners. Something new, plus from a brand that's really close to my heart!

Last Saturday, the artsy fartsy fans of FILED graced the Wanderland event held at Nomnomnom Happy Food, Tomas Morato. Apart from the official launch of their 2015 Scribble and Doodle planners, there were also workshops about the art of typography, basic doodling and online entrepreneurship.

I'm ZERO in terms of art skills. Can't even draw a stickman nicely to save my life!!! That's why I'm glad I got to attend this event, I learned so much and enjoyed looking at how the students/participants showed their skills! :)

Some more photos during the workshop! Here's one from the team of Works of Heart teaching about basic typography and renowned artist Lei Melendres doing his doodle magic!

Huge love and thanks to my FILED familia! Excited to take my 2015 Scribble planner with me in next year's adventures! :)

For more information, visit FILED in these online channels:
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