Own This Day

I'm pretty sure we all have our occasional "zombie days". These are the days when you feel heavy, just want to completely shut down and agonize over everything you don't have or haven't accomplished. Make sure to shoo away and fight these blues. Own each and everyday by doing things that will make you happy! :)

Everybody has different ways of dealing with sadness, but if you're looking for suggestions, let me share with you some simple things that I do to improve my mood that you can try:

On me: Butterflies Maxi Dress (in Navy Blue) courtesy of Paradise Treats | black slim belt courtesy of Romwe | charmed bracelet courtesy of Alex and Ani | The Ramp bejeweled sandals

1. Go for a short walk. Walking helps me clear my head and shed negative energy. I'm glad my office is situated near a golf course, so whenever I feel stressed, I just step out, breathe and enjoy the nice view that we have. 

2. Reconnect with someone. Call up a random friend (or anyone you love) just to say hi. No rants, just a sweet hello and a little catch up. I'm sure both of your days will brighten up!

3. Drink coffee. I really CANNOT believe I'm no longer allowed to drink coffee. Vertigo you svck!! It's been part of my system even way back. :( Hoping and praying my doctor will permit me to drink coffee again after a couple of weeks! PLEASE LANG.

4. Hug someone. I'm definitely a hugger!! :p Hugs are such an easy way to express love and care without having to say a word. 

5. EAT! On a diet? Forget about it today! Either I walk through our pantry and look for something sweet, or open my drawer full of chips. Nom nom nom nom

Photos by Charls Uytanlet

Start noticing the infinite blessings and possibilities in your life! Bid bye bye to zombie days! :)

How about you? What helps you improve your mood? :)

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