Fairview Terraces Style Origin

People don't call shopping "retail therapy" for nothing! :p This activity actually has a lasting positive impact on our moods and can make anyone happy! That's why when the Ayala Malls (plus Movent) team invited me over to a shopping tour at the newly opened Fairview Terraces, I immediately said yes! :)

Past noontime, I met up with my closest blog friends at TriNoma (one of my favorite Ayalla Malls) to wait for our shuttle going to Fairview Terraces. Lakas maka-fieldtrip! Everyone's excited for the event! :)

Touchdown FT! ✈ ✈ ✈

First stop: Recipes!

I'm so glad they brought us to Recipes first! It's one of my favorite Filipino restaurants (their Gising Gising and General's Chicken is the bombbb) and my tummy was grumbling around that time, too! I know I won't be able to shop well if I'm hungry! :p

Never forget that Ayala Malls have the best line of restaurants! ;)

After dining, we were warmly welcomed and briefed by the gorgeous ladies of Fairview Terraces. Ms. Gigi Custodio introduced us to her team and discussed a bit about the mall. They also guided us around FT! :)

After splitting the whole bunch of bloggers into two groups, it's finally time for the shopping tour!!

Second stop: Lock & Lock

I've been hearing good feedback about the containers of Lock & Lock! Got a water bottle (nope not a Hello Kitty one) from this shopping tour, which I'll probably give to my dad! :)

Third stop: Nature Republic

There's something really special about Korean cosmetics! Got some face masks and a CC cream from this visit! Can't wait to try them out! :)

Fourth stop: Bambu

Bambu carries renowned footwear brands like Ipanema, Grendha and Rider. It's also one of the stores I visit whenever I'm looking for quirky flip flops! My Ipanema pair which I bought in high school's still alive, by the way! Classic!! 

Fifth stop: Oxy

Honestly, it's my first time to hear about the Oxy. They have a different paandar for the bloggers here 'cos may raffle na naganap. They gave away 5 pairs from their new collection. As usual, I'm malas with raffles! :p But my friends who won mentioned that the shoes were comfy!

Sixth stop: Apartment 8

Ahhh, one of my favorite brands!!! I love Apartment 8! I've been shopping from them even before they became this famous. <3 Apartment 8 gave us really beautiful statement accessories, which I'll be wearing in my next outfit photos!

Seventh stop: C'ntro by Centropelle

Amazing how Centropelle evolved from being the go-to shop of the 90s kids for school shoes (yuppp!!!!) to now a brand with high fashion pairs! :) Received a nice leather pouch from them and I'm surely using it!

Eighth stop: CNA

Can't get enough of Korean stuff! CNA's a new brand which carries cute accessories like necklaces, rings, pony tails, statement glasses... name it! They're selling everything at crazy low prices! Showing you what I've got from CNA soon! :)

Ninth stop: Chase

Here's another fashion-forward brand that you should watch out for! Chase has really nice clothes at affordable prices! :) After careful deliberation, I ended up choosing a matching top and skirt from the brand. So torn from all the good stuff!

Lastly, we headed to the Activity Center for the Style Origins fashion show featuring Mensweek! 

Head over to my Instagram account (@listentoarnie) to watch the 15-sec video of the fashion show. :) Trying to embed it here but it's not working :(

The crowd went crazy when Enchong Dee came out for the fashion show. He also entertained his fans with a song and dance number. :)

FUN DAY! This event's definitely one for the books!! :)

Aside from the shopping tour we had at Fairview Terraces, we were also treated to a shopping spree at any Ayala Malls! Spent 7 hours shopping today... but never complaining! ;)

Huge thanks to Ayala Malls and Movent for having us! Congratulations for the successful #FairviewTerracesStyleOrigin event, and for trending AGAIN! :) Well-deserved!

For more information and updates, visit Fairview Terraces' official accounts here:

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