Fairview Terraces Style Origin

People don't call shopping "retail therapy" for nothing! :p This activity actually has a lasting positive impact on our moods and can make anyone happy! That's why when the Ayala Malls (plus Movent) team invited me over to a shopping tour at the newly opened Fairview Terraces, I immediately said yes! :)

Past noontime, I met up with my closest blog friends at TriNoma (one of my favorite Ayalla Malls) to wait for our shuttle going to Fairview Terraces. Lakas maka-fieldtrip! Everyone's excited for the event! :)

Touchdown FT! ✈ ✈ ✈

First stop: Recipes!

I'm so glad they brought us to Recipes first! It's one of my favorite Filipino restaurants (their Gising Gising and General's Chicken is the bombbb) and my tummy was grumbling around that time, too! I know I won't be able to shop well if I'm hungry! :p

Never forget that Ayala Malls have the best line of restaurants! ;)

After dining, we were warmly welcomed and briefed by the gorgeous ladies of Fairview Terraces. Ms. Gigi Custodio introduced us to her team and discussed a bit about the mall. They also guided us around FT! :)

After splitting the whole bunch of bloggers into two groups, it's finally time for the shopping tour!!

Second stop: Lock & Lock

I've been hearing good feedback about the containers of Lock & Lock! Got a water bottle (nope not a Hello Kitty one) from this shopping tour, which I'll probably give to my dad! :)

Third stop: Nature Republic

There's something really special about Korean cosmetics! Got some face masks and a CC cream from this visit! Can't wait to try them out! :)

Fourth stop: Bambu

Bambu carries renowned footwear brands like Ipanema, Grendha and Rider. It's also one of the stores I visit whenever I'm looking for quirky flip flops! My Ipanema pair which I bought in high school's still alive, by the way! Classic!! 

Fifth stop: Oxy

Honestly, it's my first time to hear about the Oxy. They have a different paandar for the bloggers here 'cos may raffle na naganap. They gave away 5 pairs from their new collection. As usual, I'm malas with raffles! :p But my friends who won mentioned that the shoes were comfy!

Sixth stop: Apartment 8

Ahhh, one of my favorite brands!!! I love Apartment 8! I've been shopping from them even before they became this famous. <3 Apartment 8 gave us really beautiful statement accessories, which I'll be wearing in my next outfit photos!

Seventh stop: C'ntro by Centropelle

Amazing how Centropelle evolved from being the go-to shop of the 90s kids for school shoes (yuppp!!!!) to now a brand with high fashion pairs! :) Received a nice leather pouch from them and I'm surely using it!

Eighth stop: CNA

Can't get enough of Korean stuff! CNA's a new brand which carries cute accessories like necklaces, rings, pony tails, statement glasses... name it! They're selling everything at crazy low prices! Showing you what I've got from CNA soon! :)

Ninth stop: Chase

Here's another fashion-forward brand that you should watch out for! Chase has really nice clothes at affordable prices! :) After careful deliberation, I ended up choosing a matching top and skirt from the brand. So torn from all the good stuff!

Lastly, we headed to the Activity Center for the Style Origins fashion show featuring Mensweek! 

Head over to my Instagram account (@listentoarnie) to watch the 15-sec video of the fashion show. :) Trying to embed it here but it's not working :(

The crowd went crazy when Enchong Dee came out for the fashion show. He also entertained his fans with a song and dance number. :)

FUN DAY! This event's definitely one for the books!! :)

Aside from the shopping tour we had at Fairview Terraces, we were also treated to a shopping spree at any Ayala Malls! Spent 7 hours shopping today... but never complaining! ;)

Huge thanks to Ayala Malls and Movent for having us! Congratulations for the successful #FairviewTerracesStyleOrigin event, and for trending AGAIN! :) Well-deserved!

For more information and updates, visit Fairview Terraces' official accounts here:

Quick Break

Still on a high (and getting #sepanx) with the staycation I had with Ana and Christine last weekend at Luxent Hotel! I'll be blogging about that very soon! :) For the meantime, let me share with you what I wore before taking a dip into Luxent's super nice infinity pool. Nothing too fancy for an afternoon swim. Just me, my favorite resortwear brand Cesa, and my blog girlfriends!

On me: black twist bandeau bikini courtesy of Romwe | cover-up courtesy of Cesa | Nick Automatic sunnies | rosegold flipflops courtesy of Havaianas

We're lucky it's summer all year-round in the Philippines! :) We can go to our favorite resorts and beaches anytime we want. And even if you're working or studying, you won't be deprived of having a quick break and glide 'cos of the really awesome pools in hotels around the metro.

Photos by Christine Liwag

Sorry to keep this short!! I've to get back to work and finish early for Sam Tsui concert tonight! :p Catch up soon!

Plains and Prints Pre-Fall Collection 2014

I made sure not to miss Plains and Prints' Pre-Fall Collection 2014 launch last Thursday! It's actually one of my favorite brands because of their playful, romantic and sophisticated releases. And they didn't fail us this season, as they're about to bring us another batch of fabulous ensembles! ;)

Flattering silhouettes, vivid colors, and out-of-the-box prints. Class and sophistication meet bold and fun details. All these and more describe Plains and Prints' Pre-Fall Collection!

Traffic was INSANE that day!!! :( Sad I missed their interview with Anne Curtis, but I was just in time for their press preview and exclusive shopping inside the store in Shangri-la Plaza. Here are some photos during the program grabbed from Plains and Prints:

Known to be classy, sophisticated yet adventurous and very experimental, Anne is considered a style icon who wields a lot of fashion influence among young, professional women like her. 

"I consider myself a girly-girl, so I love dressing up for my OotD posts. It's really so much fun. I just love dressing up and I pour time and effort to take photos of what I would be wearing for the day because it mostly expresses the mood I am in. I like trying out different styles: from casual, to girly, to glam, to anything I am in the mood for, or what the occasion calls for. But always, I also make sure I am having fun in putting my outfits together," says Anne.

While many women think that one must choose between style and comfort when picking out clothes, Anne insists that you can combine both. In fact, she considers combining both very important in determining what to wear.

"That's why I love how Plains and Prints' clothes answer the woman's need for both style and comfort. In my case, Plains and Prints has everything to suit what I feel like wearing for the day - but always with a touch of fun and girly sophistication," Anne quips.

To further seal Anne's perfect partnership with Plains and Prints, they're launching their Pre-Fall Collection this month of June. This season's complete line will be released from June to September of this year.

Anne and the girly-girl types will certainly be floored by the Fleur de Lis collection. Inspired by color of the year, radiant orchid pink, Fleur de Lis features interesting prints in vibrant shades of fuchsia, purple, peach and pink.

The California Dreamin' collection features shift dresses, waist dresses, and pants popping out with dainty details, perfect for women who like a more natural vibe yet still want to look polished and professional.

Looking up to Audrey Hepburn for style, Anne especially loves the Uptown Girl collection, which showcases feminine silhouettes in bold shades of blues, yellows and oranges.

For days that she feels like dressing down without being ordinary, Anne goes for the Flights of Fancy collection which features a twist on the classic button down polo shirt. Matching it with a pair of denims or just casual short shorts, this button down shirt becomes even trendier in vibrant prints and interesting colors.

These collections will be available at Plains and Prints stores nationwide starting June 26 or via online shopping through For regular updates on release dates, like Plains and Prints on Facebook or follow @plainsandprint on Instagram and Twitter.

Can't wait to show you what I got!! Stay tuned for my outfit post featuring Plains and Prints soon! xx

Top 7 Guilty Pleasures

Back when I was younger, if I were to jot down my list of guilty pleasures, it would probably include religiously watching nighttime dramas (aka teleserye, hahaha) over popcorn and chips, having a concert on top of my bed (with my supportive imaginary audience, ugh), and teaching my stuffed toys numbers and alphabets. #welcometomylife Hahaha! I found so much joy and fulfillment in those activities. I may not be able to do those things anymore now that I'm all grown up, but I still do have some silly guilty pleasures. Yep, at 21. :p

On me: floral top from Style Stunner | shorts courtesy of Miss Sixty Philippines | Pretty Little Blings gold key necklace | sunnies courtesy of Romwe

Aren't you fascinated by how our bodies respond to our favorite guilty pleasures? These are things we do but don't talk about to anyone ('cos they may be really embarrassing or illegal, LOL). They bring lots of excitement and fun to our lives! :) But I think that if we really like doing something, we shouldn't feel guilty about it, right?

What are yours? I wonder if any of yours are similar to mine. Here's a peek through my own list of guilty pleasures! :p

Preparing for zombie apocalypse. Whenever I think of something clever to add in my survival guide for zombie outbreak, I list them down! Just in case, here's one tip for you: Don't go to a hospital!

Drowning myself with original Pringles, sour tapes and gummy worms, chocolate chip cookies, McDonald's fries, BACON

Watching chick flicks (crying happy tears) and cartoons. Ridiculously entertaining!

Taking long showers! 

Playing CSI: Hidden Crimes. If we're friends on Facebook, you can attest to this! :p

Watching wedding proposal videos. Oh, my weak heart!

Google Zac Efron or Ryan Gosling

Photos by Nicole Amar

Aaand there you have it! Hope you enjoyed peeking through the list of things I love doing behind closed doors! :p I'd love to know yours! Share them in the comments section below please! :)

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