La Union Photo Diary

This year, I promised myself to go out, explore new places, try new things and hit the beach more often. I've been such a lola for quite some time now - hiding inside my room, declining parties and getting lazy for getaways - that I totally forgot about the beauty of the cities outside Manila. Ikr, what's wrong with me!!! Hahaha! So first stop for this year... La Union! ;)

Spent this YOLO weekend with my high school girlfriends (Joanne, Jean and Joy) and Jean's family! Craziest bunch ever!!! :p

It only took us over 3 hours to reach La Union from Quezon City! Whew! Jean's brother, kuya James, drove like a drag racer in NLEX, SCTEX and TPLEX!!! Solid!! Hahaha! We arrived in our accommodation just in time for breakfast. :)

Monokini courtesy of CESA 
More about this look here.

These two were camwhoring while Joy and I were shooting OOTDs! Cuties!!!

Spent hours at Moonleaf after swimming and we dosed on our favorite Lychee Nata milk tea! Craving for it as I type... ugh.

I love you girls!!! ♥♥♥

Ended our first day with booze by the beach!

We woke up extra early for the second day so we can enjoy surfing longer! Finally got to tick off this activity from my bucket list! ;)

Except for Jean, it's our first time to try surfing so we had to learn the basics and do's/don'ts. FYI: I don't know how to swim, so imagine how frightened I was all throughout the session. #trufax

Please try not to laugh in the next few photos... hahahaha! Believe it or not, we were able to stand on the surfboard. Not sure why walang photo, only the epic fail ones!!!

Go Joy!!! 

My turn together with Jean!!!


Ola, Joanne!


Nevertheless, I super love surfing and I cannot wait to try it again!!!

Another round of Lychee Nata from Moonleaf! :p

Ate Din, baby Lucas, Jean and kuya James

Our youngest and most handsome surfer - Lucas!!! Can't wait for you to grow up, baby boy!

I'll see you again soon, La Union! xx

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