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Some of you have probably seen my Sweat Session post last January. If yes then I'd love you forever! To date, I'm staying true with my commitment to a fitter and healthier 2014. I'm glad that even if I get busy during weekdays, I still have the time to continue with my workout chronicles at home. For me, though, it's always different and better if I really hit the gym and follow a strict program. You won't feel lazy and you'll feel the grind to a greater extent.

Holla to my new playground - CrossFit! Thanks to my big sis Ana, I got introduced to their elite take on fitness! Prior to my CrossFit experience, my goal was to have a perfect beach body slash be one of the angels for Victoria's Secret (tsk tsk). Apparently, in CrossFit, they do more than making us sexy. They train using functional movements (no mirrors, no machines) to ready our bodies for whatever we'll face in our daily lives, which can stay with us until we reach the 80s!

Coach RJ handled us for the trial. He briefed us about CrossFit and he mentioned that holistic fitness is what they offer to prepare us for everyday physical tasks. General physical preparedness for the unknown and unknowable. With their program, we'll be able to develop the following:

★ Endurance ★ Strength ★ Stamina ★ Flexibility ★ Speed ★ Power ★ Balance ★ Coordination ★ Agility ★ Accuracy

CrossFit's Workout of the Day or WODs are constantly varied, meaning they always come up with fresh training ideas so you won't get bored, executed at high intensities based on your current ability.

You'll see on my Instagram account a preview of the trial training we had at CrossFit. :) Coach RJ taught us the ways and techniques (including proper posture) in doing these exercises so the right areas in our bodies will be tapped and stretched. Attentiveness in this foundation class is important so we can avoid injuries. After warming up and executing the drills on our own (which lasted for about 20-30 minutes), we had to do as many rounds as we can for 8 minutes.

The circuit was composed of body rows (our favorite station, haha), squats, 1-arm bottoms-up kettlebell carry and push-ups. Ana, Ava and I all reached 5 rounds in 8 minutes! Not bad for starters! :p #nojudging

And you know what? I ended the training with a smile. I had so much fun with what we did and all that I've learned from CrossFit! I loved it! :)

When you experience CrossFit, I'm pretty sure you'll feel this way as well! Whether you're a newbie or a gym goer ever since, CrossFit will help you be ready for unpredictable challenges in life. It's more than your ordinary workout, it's a complete explanation of fitness.

Obligatory photo with my CrossFit buddies Ana and Ava! So proud we were able to finish the training! Love you blog sisters! Scaredy-cats no more! :)

NOTE: CrossFit offers free trials every Saturday at 3PM.

Unit G 7433 Yakal Street, Makati City
Visit the following sites to know more about CrossFit:

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