SwitchEasy PLAY for iPhone 5C

Anyone close with me knows that I'm not a gadget freak. For years, I never really cared about getting into iOS or Android despite the hype. I can go with any phones as long as I can call and send text messages. I was already satisfied with my iPad for Instagram's sake. :p Come Christmas last year, though, my parents surprised me with an iPhone 5C in blue. And when I started using it, I understood and appreciated what the hype was all about!

My everyday weapons: iPhone 5C in Blue (for personal use and blog duties) | iPhone 5C in White (for work-related tasks) | iPhone 5C case in Pink courtesy of Digits Trading and SwitchEasy | 2600mAh USB Power Bank External Battery Charger in Pink courtesy of Romwe

Wonder why you're seeing two iPhone 5C's? The white one is my company phone provided by my new family and I'll be using it for work-related tasks 

I'm very cautious and careful with anything I own, so you could just imagine my delight when Digits Trading sent me this protective but stylish SwitchEasy iPhone 5C PLAY case! Perfect timing, I really needed this :p

This PLAY case for iPhone 5C is made from durable, scratch-resistant hydro polymer material. Inside the package, you'll get this case, a wrist strap, one (1) front protective film/screen protector, one (1) microfiber wipe, and one (1) squeegee for protective film application.

Certainly, it's so easy to fall in love with this versatile but elegant PLAY cover! You can choose from its four dynamic colors - Pink, Yellow, Black and Blue. Of course, my option was yummy pink to complement my persona! :)

Another good thing about this case is the 360 Protection feature. It has a reversible lanyard strap holder and a viewing stand which you can attach or detach, perfect for all users whether left- or right-handed.

Also, you MUST see these pop-out integrated connector protectors! You're assured that these areas are given utmost care (dust-free, too, if I may add).

You can simply flip out the stand on the back of the case and enjoy watching videos anytime of the day! Achieve all these features with the SwitchEasy PLAY case for iPhone 5C!

For people like me who are always on the go, never forget to bring your handy-dandy power bank! Can't afford not to stay connected! Thanks to my favorite international fashion retailer, ROMWE, for sending this over! :)

The SwitchEasy PLAY package is SRP Php895.00, available in the following Digits Trading Distributors:

★ Digits Trading
★ Beyond The Box
★ Digital Walker
★ Digital Hub

You can also purchase this from the following SwitchEasy resellers:

★ 8Telcom ★ Astrovision ★ BCG Computer ★ Banana Telecom ★ BCG Computers ★ CellShoppe ★ Digital Arena ★ District 32 ★ E-Central ★ Electrocomputer Data System ★ Games and Gadgets ★ Graphic All In ★ iCenter ★ iCon ★ iGig ★ JMB Albay Gadgets ★ Islands and More (NAIA T3) ★ Landmark ★ Microstation ★ Mobile 1 ★ PC Hub ★ SEATAC ★ Senco Link ★ Silicon Valley ★ Sync ★ Technoholics ★ The Inbox Store ★ Vertex ★ Sidrah ★ Gui ★ iBook

Thank you so much to Digits Trading and SwitchEasy for this! :)

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