Tang's Karoling Flashmob on the MRT

Admit it, most people are exasperated with the long lines and hours of commuting. Whenever I ride the MRT, even in the "dead" hours like 2 in the afternoon, I'd see sad, tired and annoyed faces. Back when I was still studying, my travel time from school to our house was roughly more than an hour (with/without traffic), and I'd appreciate the ride/commute because that's where I review for my exams or just culminate my thoughts and ponder on anything about life.

It's inevitable - commuting can be stressful and depressing most of the time. Long lines and a crush of people are facts of life.

But what if one random day, you'll chance upon a "special group" who'd cheer you up and bring color to your ride? You wouldn't really notice them at first 'cause they're wearing casual ensembles. ;)

So happy to be one of the firsts who witnessed this ♥

Tang Philippines aims to make everybody's Christmas more colorful through a Karoling Flashmob! Yes, inside the MRT! :) On selected days, these kids will sing timeless tunes such as Jingle Bells, Joy to the World, and We Wish You A Merry Christmas until the first week of December! Be on the lookout for these Tang karolers! They'll surprise you any time of the day along different stations to spread the color to as many people as possible!

Grumpy commuters no more! ♥

As an early Christmas treat, booths were set up to offer the different Tang juice colors and flavors to refresh those who may be tired from the daily commute or simply needed a little more color to their day. Not only that, thousands of lucky commuters will also be treated to free MRT tickers courtesy of Tang! :D

Thank you so much to Tang Philippines and Full Circle Communications for these goodies and for having us! ♥

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