Wacoal Perfect Fit Party

What you wear intimately says a lot about yourself. When you personally love what you're wearing, you'll feel more beautiful and become more confident. Believe it or not, your lingerie has a huge impact on your entire ensemble, and although not everyone sees it, it's still very important to wear undergarments with the perfect fit.

This is where Wacoal enters. The brand is one of the world's leading manufacturers specializing in women's intimate apparel. Their undergarments are made from high quality fabrics and materials, and they definitely have products that will fit your body perfectly. Wacoal can provide you style, comfort and elegance through their wide array of undergarments.

Got invited to last Saturday's Wacoal Perfect Fit Party along with other bloggers at Makati and I must say, it was one great event! I'm glad I had the chance to know more about the brand and all else that I need to remember about my body.

Keep in mind that your body and bra size changes at the same time. Some women in their 40s still use the same bra (or same cup size) they had in their 20s. That shouldn't be practiced, because as ageing progresses, our breasts become softer (flesh in the upper breasts begin to sag and the fats inside the breasts increase). In order to have proper support and a flattering figure, be sure to get measured accurately and regularly.

Wacoal offers stylish, versatile and sophisticated lingerie sets. They surely have something for almost all types of clothes and occasions! We know who to trust! ;)

Some more photos (from my iPad) during the event:

Sandwiches and yummy treats from Sweet Patti Cakes

When I arrived at the venue, the Wacoal team immediately took my body measurements. After the party, they handed me a box full of lingerie! Can this get any sexier?! You can just imagine how I excited I was to try these! :)

Wacoal definitely knows how to spoil me! Thank you so much for these undergarments! They fit me perfectly! ♥

Reunited with my big sis Ana whom I missed so so so much! Thank you, Wacoal, for having us! :)

For more information, body tips and updates, visit the following online accounts of Wacoal Philippines:

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