Sneak Preview: Le Caprice

If you can recall, I've mentioned about my beloved "Battery Team" a lot of times in this blog already. Our friendship started last year, where we all worked together for a shoot intended for Bestie's online shop called Le Caprice. From then on, we'd see each other and hangout all the time, hence we now call ourselves "The Clingsters". :p So anyway, some time last August, we gathered again to work for Le Caprice's bonggang comeback shoot! I'm so happy to announce that the second collection's finally out and you can start shopping from Le Caprice's official website here. Congratulations dearest Bestie!

Along with this, let me share with you a sneak peek from Le Caprice's latest releases. Everything's cutesy and beautiful, I tell you!! :)

Girl Next Door Floral Sweater

Whoopsie Daisy

Down To A Whisper

White Blank Page Dropwaist Dress

Round The Rosie Mini Dress

Sweet Darlin' Sweater Dress

Step To The Portside

Love On Top Bow Blouse

Life's A Picnic Gingham Top

Dylan in the Movies Boyfriend Blazer

Trailing Behind Cover-up

Fool's Love Song Babydoll Top

The Way We Were Midi Skirt

Maybe I Love You Floral Top

Vanilla Sky Button-Down / Syrup and Honey Midi Skirt

Don't you just love them? *wink wink* For more products and their prices, visit Le Caprice at now!

Photos by Charls Uytanlet
Hair and Makeup by Ann de Leon Perez
Styling by Bestie Konisis

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