Have you watched Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon's brilliant "hashtag" video yet? I just did last Sunday! It's so hilarious and entertaining, not to mention my real life boyfriend Justin's in it! *wink wink* Crazy netizens like me use hashtags not only for categorizing tweets/Instagram posts, but also for random brain farts like #nomnomnom #clingsters #medyobadboy #medyobaboy #selfie #cheeseballs #Pringles #anythingelsethatyoucanthinkof! Hahaha! So before I flood you with further more hashtags, let's get on to today's #ootd first! :p

On me: dress courtesy of Indie-go Boutique | heels from Pill Footwear | belt courtesy of Romwe

Wore this ensemble to the last art session of Dee Jae Pa'este at SM Sky Dome last September 29. Honestly, I'm amazed with the wall graffiti he did for the three walls of Sky Dome! Wish I had his talent. So beautiful, you have to see it for yourselves! Make sure to check it out at SM City North EDSA one of these days! :)

My closet's always happy whenever I receive clothes from Indie-go Boutique! Super happy to be one of the ambassadors of this brand! They have really nice designs, you'll be stunned with their collections (and affordable deals).

Fly High Dress courtesy of Indie-go Boutique (buy it here)

Whaaat?? The prints ain't bananas and strawberries??! Huhu wings pala talaga :'( #akolangba #kayodinba Hahaha!

Heels from Pill Footwear

Sneak peek #ootd with Dee Jae Pa'este's wall graffiti! Posting about this event very soon. Stay tuned! :)

Photos by Charls Uytanlet

Addicted with hashtags, too? Watch my babe's video with Jimmy Fallon and let me know your thoughts! #cookiedance #imtherealcookiemonster #nomnomnom hahahaha

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