Skin Care Routine for MEN courtesy of Nisce Skin 'n Face

Traditionally, women take most of the time for grooming. But nowadays, men are becoming conscious about their skin, as this adds to their pogi points. Of course, any lady will be more impressed for fresh looking, oil and blemish free manly aura.

Men, like women, also experience skin problems. They suffer from oily skin, white heads and black heads, acne and uneven skin tone. But that doesn't mean that they need to share same formulation as the ladies. As a matter of fact, men have more sensitive skin that women. That is why they need special protection to keep their charm and their skin radiant. This is what Nisce Skin 'n Face's Blaise Skin Care for Men product line offers.

Gentlemen, if you are still in doubt trying skin care products, consider what hunk Rafael Rosell recommends as he proudly represent Blaise. "I enjoy being cared of the products because they concentrate on men's basic skin care to keep masculine charm - from cleansing to toning".

First things first: CLEANSING

This is the very first step to wash away heavy cosmetics and dirt acquired from everyday routine. Clogged pores, dryness and broken capillaries are some of the consequences if your face wasn't properly washed. These too are common problems usually experienced during summer for our faces are prone to dusts.

For the top concern, Nisce recommends Blaise Oil Control Facial Scrub. It effectively brings your skin's potential of lighter, even tone, cleansed, to help prevent pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. Oil control facial scrub also ease sunburn, aging, oil traces. It contains Microscrubs and Glycolic acid that gently rids off dirt; Kojic acid works to reduce age spots and pigmentation; and Anti-bacterial to prevent oil buildup.

Remove the rough side of yours

Clean look also involves the roughness around your mouth and that is unwanted moustache and beard. Those hair are covering your look and worst, might give you a negative impression.

Blaise Shaving Cream makes every shave more comfortable. It protects skin from irritation for it also has an anti-irritant, skin protectant, and soothing effect. It contains Allantoin which helps to moisturize and enhance the shredding of dead skin. Blaise Shaving Cream leaves skin minty feel and is best suited for sensitive skin.

To moisturize the shaved part, apply Blaise After Shave that contains aloe vera to leave a soothing effect. It also has witch hazel extract to avoid swelling and infection. Just make sure to apply toner first before the after shave. Shaving is necessary to keep you look more respectable. However, you should do it once a week or depending on how your moustache grows.

Completely Clean with Toning

Toning is next step to cleansing process. It eliminates excess oils and dead skin cells missed by washing alone. Blaise has two-way to do the job. You may have Blaise Toner that tighten pores, lightens skin, reduces wrinkles, pimples and acne scars, oily skin and visibly lighter glow.

Or, you can use Clarifying Lotion that effectively clears off face from acne, blackheads, whiteheads, dark spots, age spots and skin discoloration adeptly. It peels off dead skin leading to smooth and evenly toned skin.

Adding extra ten minutes to your routine for more radiant aura won't cause your time. In fact, it will give you more and would help you to look at your best. As a testimony from Rafael, "Less oily, sa set napapansin nila madali akong makeup-an. Hindi na kailangan mag-retouch lagi. The blemishes, mas konti, and nag-lighten."

Blaise Skin Care for men products are available in all Nisce Skin 'n Face branches nationwide.

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