Roar + Coloud Headphones

Is it weird that I feel extra pumped and delighted during "-BER" months? Not sure if you guys notice this, too, but everywhere, the atmosphere seems lighter and happier. Uniquely, we Filipinos start celebrating the Christmas season in September. Gotta love the holiday spirit of Pinoys!! :)

So since it's the first day of the month, let's attract nothing but good vibes! Claim it na! Amazing things will come our way! ♥ I'm currently at BFAS (visit my booth here at The Elements Tent - Centris if you can!!!), spending time with my blogger friends, meeting my sweetest readers and seeing them raid my closet live and literally. I love you guys!! Haha! Great start, right? :) On the other hand, tomorrow, I'll finally open up a new chapter in my life. That chapter entails new challenges, major adjustments, and even sacrifices. Although I have a lot of questions and fears, I know I'm a fighter (yes, despite the dainty Arnie you see everytime in my outfit posts, haha) and you're gonna hear me roar! ;)

On me: top courtesy of Indie-go Boutique | thrifted blazer | origami skort courtesy of Romwe | headphones courtesy of Coloud | bag borrowed from AnaFilgiarina pumps

Wore this to the first day of BFAS, btw! Huge thanks to everyone who came to visit and buy from my booth!! I'll be doing a separate post/photo diary from the bazaar happenings soon. Tag me on Twitter (@listentoarnie) or email me if we have photos together, please! I'd love to include them there! :)

LSS-ing on Katy Perry's Roar for weeks now! I think the universe (and Indie-go Boutique) heard me singing it nonstop! When this arrived at my doorstep, I already knew the title I'd give to this outfit post. :p

Origami skort courtesy of Romwe

Spot the headphones I'm wearing here? These are from Coloud, a renowned brand that produces minimalist, functional and durable headphones. Tried it yesterday and even if I may not be tech savvy, I sure know and appreciate stuff with superb quality! Double thumbs up for Coloud Headphones!

By the way, these headphones also come with a microphone and remote. Coloud considers that most people listen to music using their mobile phones, so they added the functionality of a headset to their products.

The BOOM Headphones courtesy of Coloud

Unlike other headphones, the designs of Coloud possess a 3D ergonomic angle for better fit and positioning for our ears. You also won't need to worry about getting a headache because their products are definitely comfortable to wear! Perfect for your daily dose of music!

Make sure to check out Coloud Headphones' website for more updates and information. They're available in our country through its official resellers nationwide like Beyond The Box, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, iCenter, iStore, iStudio, Power Hub, etc.

Photos by Ana Gonzales
Thank you so much big sis!!! Solid yung shots, hahaha! ;)

Happy first of September, loveys! xx

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