Au Revoir

Squeezing in an outfit post before I doze off! :) Don't you just dread getting out of the bed so so early, knowing you're about to face a long day filled with never-ending deadlines? I know most of us go through a tough battle with alarm clocks (or Moms, haha) every single weekday. I feel you! :p Albeit the struggle, what makes you motivated to wake up and keep going?

On me: Cotton On denim biker jacket | Au Revoir (Pumped Up Tees) shirt courtesy of Penshoppe | origami skort courtesy of Everything Nice 101 | pumps courtesy of Comfit

First thought that comes to my mind? Waking up entails another opportunity to take care of your parents.  :) Yes, Mommy and Daddy are still very healthy and groovy, but that doesn't mean they won't need my TLC. Haha! For years, they've given me so much love and provided everything that I wanted/needed. It's finally my time to spoil them now that I'm working and officially earning! :)

Obtaining personal growth, getting salary, learning and experiencing new things in my day job - these are next, of course! :)

Third reason, which I definitely won't forget, why I'm driven to wake up is this blog! :) I know I don't get to update Raid My Closet as often as before, but I swear there was never a day that I missed out on checking this plus my email and other social networking sites that are overflowing with hearts and good vibes ♥ I get to read your messages daily and I appreciate them very much! And by the way, I have some surprise paandars for you, so make sure to stay tuned!

Dress-down days entail embracing tees! Bet you'd like this Au Revoir statement shirt courtesy of Penshoppe! This is part of their Pumped Up Tees collection and you can get it for only P299! Effortlessly stylish, right? ;)

Thank you so much to Penshoppe for sending over this gift!! ♥

Also love this origami skort courtesy of Everything Nice 101! Don't be surprised if you'll see me sporting this again anytime soon. *wink wink* Make sure to check out their Instagram account for more affordable and fashionable items! :)

Photos by Charls Uytanlet

Grabbing Nescafe's tagline in one of their commercials: Para kanino ka bumabangon? ;) I'd love to know! Kisses everyone! xx

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