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Because of my crazy schedule, blog-related meetings and work, unlike before, I don't get to reply right away to emails/queries I receive everyday. Apologies if it takes me days before replying to your messages :( Hope you guys know that I extremely appreciate your thoughtful words and your trust when it comes to asking for my opinions (fashion-wise or not). Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! ♥

Anyway, since oftentimes I get almost similar questions, I decided to blog my answers instead so I could share my point of view or ideas to the rest as well. But before that, outfitey muna! Here's what I wore to Manila Sundance Bazaar weeks ago. O diba best in late!! Hahaha!

On me: flower crown courtesy of Flaura Tiara | white blazer with neon accents courtesy of Romwe | white shorts courtesy of Romwe | heels from Pill

Instantly fell in love with this blazer from Romwe! It's so versatile, you can think of countless ways of wearing/styling it! ♥

Q&A summary!! :p

1. Tips for students or college fashionistas on a budget

Take a look at your closet, mix and match your pre-loved clothes or you can also DIY them to create a new look. For shopping, don't be too brand conscious because what matters most is how well you could carry yourself on those clothes. Also, never underestimate bazaars because you can always find really nice stuff there! And to top it all, keep in mind that you're not fully dressed without wearing your best smile possible! *wink wink*

2. Who is your style icon?

Olivia Palermo! ♥

3. Suggestions to have nice skin

Get enough sleep, exercise and eat healthy food! Invest on products that will surely take care of your skin (especially your face) like a good facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer.

Love this flower crown from Flaura Tiara by Belle and Vibeth! Felt like a fairy the entire time I was wearing this! ♥ Make sure to follow them on Instagram to see their beautiful hand-crafted collection of flower crowns, twines, buns and dreamcatcher necklaces! :)

Shorts courtesy of Romwe

4. Are you planning to have a meet and greet part 2 for Raid My Closet?

Yes!! Might hold another one this December (birthday celebration)! ♥ Bet niyo yun?? :)

5. Have you ever been heart broken? How were you able to cope with it? (I think I got around 8 emails from different people about this matter!)

Awww </3 But yes, been there before, too! There's no easy way to mend a broken heart, really. :( Maybe for a couple of days, give yourself some time alone; it's okay to cry your heart out for it's part of the path to recovery. It's gonna hurt for a while, but not forever. :) Surround yourself with your family and friends afterwards - go on a vacation with them, explore new activities, go shopping. Do things that make you happy! Bawal ka ma-haggard! Dapat always maganda! ♥ You'll get through it eventually. You just have to be strong!

6. Advice for future bloggers

Just allow your personality to shine on your blog. Let your readers see the real you through images and words. Be passionate about blogging (not for the perks you'll receive) and remain authentic! :)

Heels from Pill

Photos by Charls Uytanlet

If you guys have some more questions, no matter how random they may be, don't hesitate to comment up on this post, email or tweet me (@listentoarnie)! I'd love to answer them! Kisses xx

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