Vintage Overall

Rushing to put up a new post!!! To those who have read the previous one, please bear in mind that it's a sponsored (guest) post. I'm not getting married yet, far far away pa yon grabe! Hahaha! And if ever I'll plan my entourage for that big day, my motif's never gonna be black else my dainty self would go crazy and explode! Alam na alam niyo yan! Lol! Hi Dad, I know you read my blog; wala lang po yung wedding post. Wahaha! Explain pa eh no!

One big fat anyway, days ago, Mom and I were fixing the items I'll sell for this coming Bazaar For All Season (which is happening tomorrow and on Sunday, by the way!!!). I was feeling extra giddy even after sorting everything out, so I decided to raid Mommy's closet hoping I'd find vintage treasures that can replace the clothes that I'll be letting go. And indeed, I found one! :p

On me: Mom's vintage overall/jumpsuit | belt courtesy of Romwe | Casio watch | bag courtesy of Chicnova | pumps courtesy of Comfit

Decided to wear this ensemble to last Wednesday's second party with the BU Team. Cruise-ready outfit na sumabak sa ice skating! Ansabe! Hahaha! Stories soon!

Now you probably know where I got my daintiness! :p Can't believe my Mom hid this from me for so long... Lol! This overall's quite big on me though, so I grabbed this cutesy Romwe belt to cinch on my waist.

Black oversized canvas tote with embellished rivets courtesy of Chicnova (buy it here)

Fell in love with this bag the moment I saw it at Chicnova's website! It's so roomy, sturdy and stylish! ♥ And unlike other international online shops, with Chicnova, I didn't even need to go to the post office to claim my parcel. No sweat! It was delivered right at my doorstep! Super convenient, right? :)

You think I need to dig deeper through my Mom's closet? Haha! I really really love this entire set and I'm hoping you will, too! Let me know your thoughts!

See you at BFAS this weekend, loveys! Can't wait to see everyone!!! ♥

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