Street Style

Just recently, I discovered my love for oversized shirts and sweaters. I've been wanting to try out street style but I felt like I'm too girly for this trend. :p Wouldn't know the answer til I step out of my comfort zone, though! So when sent me this swanky NY shirt, I immediately donned it to a random chill day with my friends.

On me: shirt courtesy of | Mango shorts (old) | Trunkshow heels

This snapback from Crave More (thanks to mi love Christine) added more "swag" in this ensemble. Please appreciate my effort on this. I did my very best. Hahaha!

Loose batwing sleeves NY t-shirt from (buy it here)

Photos by Charls Uytanlet

Refreshing to bid bye bye to pastels and florals even for a while. Hehe! After all, it's always fun to venture and experiment with different styles! More shirts/sweaters/pullovers for Arnie, yes? ;)

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